'The Flash', 'Arrow', and More CW Series Showcased in New Sizzle Reels

Lately it seems like The CW is the channel to watch for fans of DC comic adaptations. The network currently plays host to twin powerhouses Arrow and The Flash, with spinoff series Legends of Tomorrow also announced for 2016. Even DC's Vertigo imprint is getting some representation with iZombie, a series about a zombie who helps to solve murders by eating the brains of recent victims and gaining their memories and personality traits.

Legends of Tomorrow was the big reveal of The CW's upfront presentation this week (and the trailer is definitely worth checking out), but The CW also took the time to promote the rest of its original drama programming. The Flash got its own sizzle reel, to celebrate the upcoming end to its first season; it was also featured alongside Arrow, iZombie, Supernatural and several other CW shows in the network's "Dare to Defy" sizzle reel.

The CW's world of DC shows has begun spilling over to other channels, with Arrow and The Flash showrunners Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg also acting as executive producers on CBS's upcoming series Supergirl. Based on the recently unveiled trailer for Supergirl it doesn't look like the show will cross over with any of the current DC series (the existence of Superman is a pretty big thing to have gone unmentioned on Arrow/The Flash), but that doesn't mean it can't achieve the same formula that has made Arrow and The Flash a success.

Since its pilot episode, The Flash has been building up the confrontation between Barry Allen and the Reverse Flash, in particular the battle between the two of them that killed Barry's mother when he was a child. In the season finale, "Fast Enough", Barry will finally make the journey to try and save his mother, though the cost might be high.

Meanwhile, Arrow concluded its third season this week but will return to TV screens later this year, as both of The CW's DC shows have long since been renewed. With a rising tide of both human and superhuman crime to face, Barry and Oliver are going to need to stay defiant.


The Flash season one finale will air on The CW next Tuesday @8pm. Arrow will return for season 4 in the fall of 2015 on The CW.

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