As The Flash winds down its stellar first season, with only five episodes left until the finale, it appears that there are a couple of crossover episodes on the horizon. A few characters from Arrow will be visiting Central City when The Flash returns with new episodes next week, and the following week will see the investigation into Harrison Wells move to the home of the Arrow.

In the April 14th episode of The Flash, titled ‘All Star Team Up,’ Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) and Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) arrive in Central City to get some help from S.T.A.R. Labs with the Atom suit. Of course, their visit ends with Barry confiding to Felicity his suspicions about Dr. Wells. But the new extended trailer (below) shows that Cisco and Caitlin will also learn the shocking truth. Bonus fact: The episode is directed by Kevin Tancharoen (Mortal Kombat: Legacy).

Then in the April 21st episode, titled ‘Who is Harrison Wells,’ a newly invigorated Joe and Cisco will make their way to Starling City to get help from Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne) into the investigation of Dr. Wells. A previous trailer revealed that Joe and Lance will discover the body of the real Harrison Wells buried in the ground, but the promo didn’t disclose another very important part of the episode.

While a previous trailer did tease that Cisco and Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) will share a moment, what they didn’t show is the crimefighter asking him for a favor. In new photos just released for the episode, it seems The Flash‘s engineering genius will create a device that gives the Black Canary her ‘Canary Cry.’

Check it out in the images below:

Flash 119 BlackCanary 02 570x386 The Flash/Arrow Crossover Images: Laurel Gets Her Canary Cry

Flash 119 BlackCanary 01 570x384 The Flash/Arrow Crossover Images: Laurel Gets Her Canary Cry

The Flash with Joe West and Captain Lance 570x379 The Flash/Arrow Crossover Images: Laurel Gets Her Canary Cry

Joe West Captain Lance Cisco and Laurel Lance on The Flash 570x380 The Flash/Arrow Crossover Images: Laurel Gets Her Canary Cry

Joe West and Captain Lance in The Flash 570x385 The Flash/Arrow Crossover Images: Laurel Gets Her Canary Cry

In the comics, the Black Canary develops a superpowered ultrasonic scream, called the Canary Cry, that allows her to destroy everything in the path of the sonic waves. Yet this being Arrow, which is relatively grounded in reality, it makes sense that if the Canary Cry were to be real, it would have to be created by some kind of tech person. And there’s no better tech person than Cisco.

It’s unclear, however, why Laurel has asked Cisco to create this for her at this point in time or where she even got the idea. The previous episode of Arrow will feature a meta-human named Jake Simmons (Doug Jones), who kills people with blasts of energy and plasma. Also known as the comic book villain Deathbolt, he’ll not only be the first meta-human to join the show (unless you count Deathstroke), but he could also be the inspiration for the Canary’s new power.

But what do you think, Screen Rant readers? Are you excited to see the two shows crossover more? And what do you think of the Black Canary’s new ability? Let us know in the comments.

The Flash will return Tuesday, April 14th @8pm on The CW.

Source: CBR

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