Flash And Green Lantern Spin-Offs Have Directors


The word is that these are supposed to be spin-offs The Flash is supposed to be a spin-off of the Justice League film, so I can only assume that once they finally get that one cast that they'll have their leads for one of these two movies.

Green Lantern is getting director Greg Berlanti, a guy with lots of non-superhero TV experience and one romantic comedy movie under his belt. I don't know what that means for the film. After all, look at how Iron Man seems to be turning out with non-super-movie Jon Favreau at the helm (that would be great, for those of you who aren't regular Screen Rant readers). A couple of my readers have pointed out that they are planning on basing the film on the Hal Jordan version of GL instead of the John Stewart version who is supposedly going to appear in the Justice League film.

On the other hand The Flash has been handed to David Dobkin. You may be asking: David Who? Well he's the guy who directed Wedding Crashers, Shanghai Nights and the upcoming wacky Christmas comedy Fred Claus.

The Hollywood studio director selection logic process continues to elude me. I know that version of The Flash they're going to use is Wally West, who as far as I know has been portrayed as kind of a jokester, but how does that lead to hiring a full-on slapstick comedy director? Is this going to be a comedy or a superhero movie?

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Sources: /Film & Superherohype

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