Will Arnett Is Not What He Looks Like in Flaked Season 2 Trailer

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The first official trailer for season 2 of Netflix's Flaked has been released online. The original dramedy series is set to make its return next month on the streaming service, after being met with mildly positive reviews from critics and casual TV viewers with its first season last year. In fact, because of that low-key reception, the series' season 2 renewal was a bit of a surprise when it was originally announced, since Flaked was met with much less buzz and acclaim than some fans might have expected or hoped it would - considering it marked just the latest TV venture from Arnett, a well-known veteran of the TV format in his own right.

The series focused entirely around Arnett's Chip, a self-help guru with more than his own fair share of problems and in desperate need of some help himself, as he interacts with the other desperate characters orbiting around him. Dealing with issues of alcoholism, addiction, and lies, it was a decidedly more heavy series than its creative talent may have originally hinted at - though, the show's aimless/plot-less feel only worked to actually compliment that. So while Flaked wasn't the massive success that some other Netflix originals have been, it certainly wasn't a critical failure by any means either.

Now, Chip and his friends are about to bike their way back onto the small screen in just a few short weeks. In anticipation of the second season's debut, Netflix has officially released the first look trailer for the new season online. Teasing the continued problems caused by Chip's lies and addictions, the trailer doesn't waste much time touching on the themes of self-image vs public image that ran throughout the entirety of Flaked season 1. Check out the trailer for yourself in the space above.

Flaked Season 2 Header Image

Set in Venice, CA, Flaked was just another addition to a growing lineup of shows on right now, that use its singular Californian/Los Angeles settings as a sun-soaked backdrop for its tougher tonal balancing acts. Unlike other popular titles of that ilk like You're the Worst or LoveFlaked was often criticized for its aimless feel and the sometimes half-baked ways it chose to touch on the more dramatic moments that populated each episode.

But while Chip's problems continue to be a nuisance in his life, the trailer itself appears to hint at the character going through a bit of a motivational upswing this time around, which could help to bring a much more satisfying feel to his arc than he was even given in the first season. So with some more stellar California-based locations and imagery, and the same blend of dramatic and comedic moments, it'll be interesting to see if Flaked finds any more inventive ways of dealing with its darker issues or addressing them in the new season.

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Flaked season 2 premieres on Netflix on June 2nd.

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