First Trailer For 'The Descent: Part 2'

A sequel to The Descent, as unwarranted as it is, will probably pique the interests of most horror fans everywhere regardless if they want another one or not.

We got our first look at it with a bunch of images last month, but now we get a more in-depth feel of it with the first trailer.

Check it out below, but be warned it's pretty gory:

Trailer removed by request of the studio

Now I don't want to go on a rant again about how much I think a sequel to the horror masterpiece that is The Descent is a terrible idea, but let me just say that this trailer has further proven my point. Although not as horrible as it could have been (mind you that's going just by this trailer... who knows how it'll end up) it still looks bad.

Granted, the last 15 seconds or so of this promo look pretty bloody and disgusting as the first film was for most of the second half, but the first two minutes of the promo hints at one of the things I was afraid they were going to do: Making it about a new set of characters other than those in the first film, getting rid of a lot of the darkness that was part of the reason the first was so scary and changing it to be a bit more like an action horror rather than a straight horror.

As I've said plenty of times before this is a film that should never have been made and by the look of the trailer they haven't justified the decision to do so.

But what do you think of the trailer? Do you agree this further proves the point that they shouldn't have made a sequel or does it provide hope that it could be decent?

The Descent: Part 2 is set to open on June 15th in the UK and there's no word on a US release date as of yet.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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