Amazing Teaser Trailer For [REC] 2

The first full teaser trailer for [REC] 2 has appeared online. A sequel to the Spanish-language horror film from a couple of years ago, [REC] 2 appears to pick up right where the first one left off. Original writers/directors Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza return for the sequel, with Manu Diez being added to the writing roster to complete the trio.

Technically this isn't the first teaser we've seen for [REC] 2, but since that other one was nothing more than the logo with some audio for about 10 seconds, we can count this minute-long teaser as the first official look at the film. The trailer is pretty intense so needless to say The following video contains strong, bloody horror and violence - NSFW:

[media id=156 width=570 height=340]

I don't think words can describe how good I think [REC] 2 looks. The teaser suggests that the movie has thankfully carried on the frantic, insane nature of the first film - which will finally get a U.S. release on DVD in July (the UK has had the movie on DVD for months now). Some of the more avid movie fans out there might know that there was a Hollywood remake of the first [REC] released last year, called Quarantine. I managed to catch a screening of Quarantine and, as usual, the Hollywood version felt like it was sorely lacking.

Just in case any of you are not familiar with [REC], the story centers on a mysterious virus which breaks out within the confines of a Spanish building complex (I won't reveal anymore so as not to spoil anything). It is truly one of the most frightening cinematic experiences I've had since The Descent (one of my favorite horror movies of all time) and I recommend it to any horror fans out there who haven't seen it (don't bother with the American remake).

Since we're so good to you here at Screen Rant, here's another teaser for [REC] 2 in the form of a poster. It's been around for a while now, but it's still worth taking a look at (click for larger size):

I really can't wait for [REC] 2, I think the teaser trailer looks fantastic. But what about you? Have you seen the original [REC] or the American remake Quarantine?

No word yet about a U.S. or UK release date for [REC] 2.  As stated, the original [REC] is scheduled to be released on DVD in the U.S. on July 14, 2009.

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