First Set Pics From Iron Man 2 & The Expendables

Screen Rant has some brand new set images from two highly anticipated upcoming films: Iron Man 2 and The ExpendablesIron Man 2 just started shooting yesterday, and The Expendables has been shooting for about 10 days now.

Here's  how things are looking on set:

Iron Man 2

Since shooting has barely even begun, these set images aren't terribly exciting. Nonetheless, it's pretty cool to see it Iron Man 2 finally underway and on schedule for it's release next year. It's also interesting to get a first look at Don Cheadle as Rhodey, the part he took over from Terrence Howard. Here are just a few of the set images (click all images for larger sizes):

Don Cheadle as Rhodey

Robert Downey Jr. has his Tony Stark swagger on.

The star stays shaded at all times.

A lot of people got upset about Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard in this film - the main complaint being that it breaks with the continuity established by the first film. Yes, it does technically break continuity, but it's never a bad thing when you add a talent like Cheadle to your cast. I see no problem with the change of actors, since the character is obviously going to have an expanded role in this sequel, and that may have required something that Cheadle brought to the table and Howard simply couldn't. Hey, it worked for The Dark Knight with the Maggie Gyllenhaal-Katie Holmes changeover, didn't it?

There are only of couple of images, but I really like seeing what Cheadle is going to look like in the movie.

The Expendables

Since this film has been shooting for about a week and a half now, we obviously have some juicier images for you. The pics are mainly of Stallone strutting his age-defying action stuff while holding a gun. Ah, good 'ol Stallone, eh?:

Stallone, tough as ever.

Stallone back in action (complete with trademark grimace).

It is amazing to see a guy of Stallone's age doing this kind of exhaustive stuff at all, never mind for a movie. Since he's not only starring but also writing and directing The Expendables, I can see why he would go full-on for it. There can't be a man his age on earth who isn't green with envy right about now...

You can see a full gallery of the set images for Iron Man 2 here and The Expendables here.

What do you make of these set images? Are you chomping at the bit to see either or both of these movies?

Iron Man 2 is scheduled for a May 7th, 2010 release and The Expendables is scheduled for an April 23rd, 2010 release.

Source: SpoilerTV

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