First Real Image Of The Incredible Hulk?

There's a new image out that is reportedly our first look at what the Hulk will look like in the upcoming reboot The Incredible Hulk. A scooper sent it in to and it looks like it's the real thing. One reason is that it fills in the black silhouette image that Marvel has been using to advertise the film.

I've applied my meager Photoshop skills in an attempt to enlarge it and make it more presentable. :-)

At least in the rendering above I like the way he's looking. Much more "ripped and chiseled" than the look of Hulk in Ang Lee's version. The above look definitely matches the comic book more closely.

I don't know if it's due to the disappointment in the previous film or what, but there seems to be a distinct lack of excitement regarding this new Hulk movie. There's a great cast and a director with a proven history in the action film genre, so I find this odd.

Is it just that the character is hard to relate to as a hero or is it something else?

Source: SHH

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