The First Purge Trailer & Poster Want to Make America Great

The New Founding Fathers of America are ready to make America great again in the first full trailer for The First Purge. Chyna Layne, Lex Scott Davis, Luna Lauren Velez, Melonie Diaz, Mo McRae, Y’lan Noel star in the fourth sequel to The Purge. The film was directed by Burning Sands filmmaker Gerard McMurray. Longtime Purge franchise scribe, James DeMonaco wrote the script. The film was produced by legendary horror house, Blumhouse Productions, home of instant genre classics Get Out and Paranormal Activity.

The First Purge, formally titled The Purge: The Island, reveals the origins of the controversial Purge Night. The original title was based on the film's setting, Staten Island. The film explores the country's reason for implementing the yearly Purge. We can only assume some devastating events went down on Staten Island for the deadly Purge to have been quarantined to just that borough.

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Blumhouse has released the first full trailer to The First Purge, giving us a look at that fateful night. Will the citizens of Staten Island partake in our nation's newest holiday? Or they will fight the power? Check out the full trailer above, then take a look at the new poster below:

The poster riffs on the famed Statue of Liberty, adding to the trailer's warped sense of patriotism and justice. In the trailer above, the United States government has reached desperate measures in an attempt to keep the country's crime rate under control. They have imposed a new law, that one night out of the year there are no laws. This new Purge Night is presented to the residents of Staten Island as their patriotic duty.

Despite the push for Purge participation, the residents of the island don't show enough interest in the government's proposed free-for-all. Activists speak out against the Purge Night, while others roam the streets looking to save innocent people from active Purge participants. Of course, the government has a trick or two up their sleeves. Are they sending in secret Purgers to stir up drama and distrust amongst the rebels? The First Purge looks to be filled with intrigue and paranoia. Sadly, we know the rebels don't succeed, as the Purge Night indeed goes on to become a tradition. But it will be interesting to see how the government's will is imposed on these detractors.

The first teaser trailer for The First Purge was released on January 31. The clip poked fun at President Trump's red MAGA baseball caps and took the tone of a propaganda ad. In the short clip, participating in the yearly Purge is treated as a patriotic duty. This followed a day after the debut of the film's teaser poster, which also features the MAGA-like hats.

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