First Peek At Non-CGI Iron Man Armor!!!

From that same desert set as shown in the images, here is a glimpse of the REAL (non-CGI) original version of the Iron Man armor.*

I can NOT believe they got a shot of this. They were spotted and had to take off ASAP on their ATV. I'll keep this up here as long as I can! As indicated in a previous post, there is a real, mechanical version of the armor that was built for the cave sequence... I imagine this is a stuntman working in the desert heat. Don't know if it's a test shot or actual filming, but here you go:

Click on the image below for an even larger version:

I wasn't able to clean it up much (I usually try to sharpen pics up) but you can get a sense of the bulky size of the armor from the photo. I really wish I had additional shots, but you take what you can get.

Thanks a BIG bunch to the reader who supplied this!

Yes, this was an April Fool's Day joke as indicated by the next sentence if you were paying attention. :-)


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