First Official Look At Elm Street's New Freddy Krueger

Today we get our first official look at the new Freddy Krueger in the 21st century remake of the classic horror film franchise, A Nightmare on Elm Street. We've had more than enough teen casting announcements to last us a while, and with regards to Freddy himself, we've only had the casting news of Jackie Earle Haley getting the role to go on.

IGN has today premiered both the first official photo of Haley as the new Freddy Krueger (there were some set photos released that (not very clearly) showed him pre-burn scars), as well as the first teaser poster for the film (the poster was first snapped at Comic Con).

A Nightmare on Elm Street follows a similar premise to the original: a serial child molester is burnt to death by angry parents only to turn into an undead killer who comes back to seek revenge by killing the teenagers of Elm Street in their dreams. Check out the Freddy pic and the official teaser poster below (click for larger):





The one thing that's given me hope about this Elm Street remake is the fact that Watchmen's Jackie Earle Haley is the new Freddy Krueger. Not a casting I saw coming, but similar to when Robert Downey Jr. was cast as Iron Man: the minute Haley's name was brought up it immediately clicked. He has the general look of Freddy (even if he'll most likely be under burn makeup for most of the movie) and based on his performance as a child molester in the film Little Children, we know for a fact that Haley can do creepy-as-hell.

Moreover, the first image and poster featuring him in character, even if he's in the shadows, has me even more hopeful that this remake will be at least worth a watch, if not genuinely good. Both the image and the poster may just be teases, but that's to be expected when we're still about 8 months away from the movie's release.

I gotta' say, Freddy's clawed glove, in particular, looks pretty bad ass...

Having said that I'm still on the, "they shouldn't have remade this," boat in regards to this film. It's another unnecessary addition to a now almost countless list of 21st century horror-movie remakes that have rarely broken past the barrier of mediocrity. I sincerely hope Haley doesn't end up being the only good thing about this new incarnation of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

What do you think of our first look at Jackie Earle Haley as our new Freddy Krueger? Does it make you look forward to this horror remake anymore than you were?

A Nightmare on Elm Street is set to hit US theatres on April 16th, 2010.

Sources: IGN and Bloody-Disgusting (small Freddy pic courtesy of "Blood-Sicles")

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