First Official Image Of Michael Myers In Halloween 2

It was only a few days ago that Screen Rant reported on the news that Michael Myers will be mask-less for most of H2: Halloween 2, Rob Zombie's upcoming sequel to his take on the classic horror Halloween. And yet the first official image released of him has the masked killer, well... fully masked.

Reportedly this sequel picks up right after where the last one ended which, not to give too much away mind you, admittedly is an interesting idea to go with considering just how the last one left off. Anyway, check out the first official image of Myers from the movie below:

Looks like he skipped ahead of the wrong guy in the grocery store line...

I make it no secret that I loathed Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween from a couple of years ago. I thought he took a brilliant concept for a horror film and added a bunch or dispicable, pointless harsh language and brutal violence that had the opposite effect of "scary."

I guess the only reason Zombie was given the chance to make another one of these things was the fact that his remake did pretty well at the box office for what it was, making a pretty respectable $26 million opening weekend and $77 million in total worldwide (it only had a $15 million budget). My hate for the first film might just be because I think Zombie is a terrible director, and I can't see past the harsh stuff he includes just for the sake of it.

However, as a committed film fan I am always willing to give every movie a shot, even if I have a few strong signs beforehand telling me to skip it. I'm always willing to be pleasantly surprised by a movie I don't like the look of or even don't care all that much about - who knows, this could be Zombie's example of that.

Though, I'm not exactly holding my breath...

I will admit that I do like the look of this first official image of Myers in the bloodied and battered mask (although if you want to get technical, the first image would the teaser poster that was released, which sort of showed a shadowed version of Myers).

I was dismayed when we found out that he'd be mask-less for over 70% of the movie ( I still am), but this image at least shows that when they do have him in the mask at any point within the film, that they've at least gotten something right.

What are your thoughts on this first image of Myers, showing him wearing the trademark mask? Did you like Zombie's remake of Halloween and are you looking forward to his sequel?

H2: Halloween 2 is set to open on August 28th this year.

Sources: and Beyond Hollywood

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