First Look at Green Lantern Spaceship?

ryan reynolds green lantern costume

We've seen several photos pop up online from the set of Martin Campbell's Green Lantern since the film began shooting last month and while none of them have revealed what Ryan Reynolds looks like in costume, one new image has emerged depicting what appears to be a spaceship.

The image comes from a resident of Madisonville who was able to snap a photo and email it to CBM. Continue after the jump to check it out.

While we can't say for sure, it's a good guess that the ship in the above photo belongs to the character of Abin Sur. Abin Sur, for those unfamiliar with the Green Lantern comics, is a member of the Green Lantern Corps who crash lands on Earth with his ship being damaged from an attack. With his impending death, he uses his ring to search for the closest worthy candidate which happens to be Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) and there begins the story of our hero.

It's certainly getting exciting for those of us eagerly awaiting the next DC superhero movie. Let's hope for some Justice League confirmation at this summer's Comic-Con.

Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds as the title character, Blake Lively as his love interest, Mark Strong as Sinestro, Peter Sarsgaard as the villain Dr. Hector Hammond, and Tim Robbins as the villain’s father, Senator Hammond.

What do you think of the design?

Green Lantern opens June 17, 2011. Director Martin Campbell and his award-winning crew have been shooting since March 15th.

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Source: CBM

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