First Look at Dwayne Johnson’s Return To Action in 'Faster'

Schizophrenia, thy name is Dwayne Johnson’s career. Just two months after the man formerly known as The Rock donned a pink tutu and fairy wings for the shockingly successful Disney film The Tooth Fairy (seriously, did anyone actually think that thing would make $57 million?) comes a first look at his next film, the revenge flick Faster.

Generic title aside, the new film is sure to warm the cockles of all the red meat action fans who have been upset with Johnson’s Disney-fied career of late. Not only does Faster feature some good old fashioned ultra-violence—according to USA Today, Johnson gets shot in the head, though since he’s the star, we’ll assume it’s a Bride-in-Kill-Bill-type headshot—but it also stars a trio of drool-worthy actresses: Sin City’s Carla Gugino, Lost’s Maggie Grace and Terminator Salvation’s Moon Bloodgood. It’s almost as if CBS Films specifically went out of their way to find Johnson some female co-stars that action geeks can get—ahem—worked up over.

Forgiving the obvious problem of CBS Films distributing Faster—the studio behind the J-Lo baby mama comedy The Back Up Plan doesn’t inspire much confidence—Faster could be just the type of film to get Johnson back on his warpath to becoming the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. After all, we can’t be the only ones who remember the passing of the torch moment in The Rundown.

Not to go all career counselor here, but Johnson’s charm is one of his best weapons as an actor—anyone who has seen his hosting appearances on Saturday Night Live can confirm what a good sense of humor he possesses—and too often he seems loathe to mix that charm into his more action-y roles; must we remind you of his dour performances in Doom and Walking Tall. If Faster is going to rise above the late-night cable feel of its title and premise, it’s going to need a large helping of Johnson’s personality… something he frankly hasn’t flashed in an action film since The Rundown.

Though a precious lucky few at ShoWest will see the film there tomorrow, the rest of us have to wait until November to see which Johnson shows up for Faster. Here’s hoping he’s more like Arnold-in-Commando and not Vin Diesel-in-everything.

Faster is scheduled to hit theaters November 19, 2010.

Source: USA Today

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