has scored the first images from the upcoming Bruce Willis sci-fi pic The Surrogates. There hasn't been much news about this film, here on Screen Rant we've only mentioned it a couple of times in Weekend Movie News Wrap Ups.

According to our own Niall Browne:

"In the film humans live their lives through robots (The Surrogates), while they view the outside world from home. Willis stars as a cop who must leave the house for the first time in years in order to solve a crime."

In the film, Willis plays a cop who is forced to leave his home for the first time in years in order to investigate the murders of others’ surrogates.

At the link above there is lots more detail about the construction of the robots as well as more plot details. The robots are supposed to be indistinguishable from humans.

The opening of The Surrogates is quite a ways away: November 20th, 2009.

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