First Game of Thrones Season 8 Footage Revealed

Jon and Sansa Game of Thrones season 8

The first footage from the hugely-anticipated eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is here, with HBO offering a brief glimpse of the next chapter of the story in a montage teaser for upcoming shows.

The Game of Thrones footage is mixed in with clips from other HBO shows (both new and returning), including True Detective, Veep, and Big Little Lies. Unfortunately, the "Coming Soon" promise for Game of Thrones may be somewhat overstated, as it could be up to a year before season 8 premieres in summer 2019. The final season of the show will span six episodes, and will see the long-brewing war between the living and the dead finally come to fruition, even as the struggle for the Iron Throne continues.

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Because season 8 is still a long way off, much of the footage from Game of Thrones is made up of clips from season 7 - but there is at least one new clip from season 8: Sansa and Jon hugging. One Twitter user helpfully slowed down the moment, so you can see it below:

At the end of the season 7 finale, Daenerys and Jon were heading to Winterfell (and having some unwittingly incestuous sex along the way), so this new clip is likely from the first episode of season 8, when Jon and Sansa are reunited. The last surviving members of the Stark family have a frightening road ahead of them, as the season 7 finale also saw the Night King and his undead army (which now includes Daenerys' dragon, Viserion) finally break through the Wall and enter the Seven Kingdoms.

Although Game of Thrones started out following the Song Of Ice And Fire books, the show has now outpaced author George R.R. Martin's writing, so even book readers have no idea what to expect in season 8. We know that Cersei is planning to go back on her promise to help in the war against the Night King, and will instead wait for one army to wipe out the other before battling the weakened victor. If the truth comes out that Jon Snow is actually Daenerys' nephew, that could also prove to be a disaster... or they could end up ruling the Seven Kingdoms together. At this point, it's still anyone's game.

Check out the full trailer for HBO's upcoming shows below:

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Game of Thrones season 8 will premiere in 2019.

Source: HBO

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