First Day At Sundance 2008

I drove up to Park City yesterday and ran into a few movie blogger friends of mine: Alex from, Peter from /Film and Neil from Film School Rejects (yes, that's really the name of his site).

I hung out with them while they got settled in at their condo, then we went out for a bite to eat where I dropped $24 on a cheeseburger and a Guiness. Yeesh! After that we attended the premiere of In Bruges, which I've reviewed. It's a hard movie to describe, so if you're interested just read the review. I don't think it's going to do very well at the box office but that's not because it's necessarily a bad movie... it's just kind of odd.

After that we headed to the party for the movie, where I wasn't on the RSVP list but one of the gatekeepers finally let me in. I left before I was able to see anyone famous, but I hung out with a bunch of other movie bloggers including representatives of, and I also got to meet "Quint" from Ain't it Cool News and he was a very nice guy.

I left before any of the actors from the movie showed up, but after I left some of my buds had the opportunity to rub elbows with Colin Farrell, who was excellent in the film.

The party was jam-packed with people and the music was very loud. Lots of folks were of the "beautiful people" set. :-) Me, I'm more of a Comic-Con party guy, so I took off fairly early.

I'll be heading up again sporadically to cover films of interest to myself and to you guys. I was going to head up tomorrow to see George Romero's Diary of the Dead, but not one, or two, but THREE people whose opinions I respect saw it and said it was awful, so I don't think I'll do 2 1/2 hours of round trip driving to go see it. :-)

Look for more Sundance coverage and reviews in the upcoming week.

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