‘Firefly’ Cast Reuniting for Online Game

Many of the original ‘Firefly’ cast members will reunite to voice characters in the upcoming ‘Firefly Online’ game.

Ever since Joss Whedon’s short-live sci-fi/western, Firefly, was cancelled in 2003, there has been an outcry from fans (or Browncoats) of the cult series to bring it back. Thanks to the extremely vocal fanbase, who kept watching and applauding the show even after cancellation, the cast and crew reunited to produce Serenity in 2005, a film meant to conclude the stories of the characters. Since Serenity debuted, fans have still tried to revive the series, including one instance three years ago when they attempted to help Firefly star Nathan Fillion buy the rights to the show with hopes of a reboot.

Though that effort was squashed, hope of another revival circulated after fellow cult TV series, Veronica Mars, received unprecedented funds from fans on Kickstarter for a followup movie. However, Whedon had already signed his 3-year deal with Marvel and, as he pointed out, a continuation of Firefly/Serenity is “a different animal.”

In recent months, the furor surrounding a reboot hasn’t died down much -- former Firefly executive producer Tim Minear said he’d love to bring the show back for a limited series of episodes. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced the cast of the show would be reuniting, but not for TV or film.

At the Firefly panel Thursday night of Comic-Con, the cast members announced they would be providing voices for Firefly Online, an upcoming mobile role playing game set in the ‘verse of the series. Fillion, Gina Torres, Adam Baldwin, and the rest of the main cast will lend their voices to the game, while Alan Tudyk will provide “multiple voices” for different characters. Given Tudyk’s experience voice acting in animated films -- Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, and Big Hero 6 -- it’s no wonder why he’ll be providing more voices aside from that of his original character, Wash.

Firefly Cast to Reunite for Firefly Online

Along with the announcement, an official trailer (above) for the game was released featuring a handful of Browncoats finishing the sentence “If I were a captain…” The video also previews different aspects of Firefly Online including customizable characters and spaceships, exploring different worlds, and assembling a crew. The original Browncoat himself, Fillion, makes an appearance, answering the question “What kind of captain would you be?” with a well known quote: “I’d aim to misbehave, but that’s just me talking.”

Online registration for the game has started on the official website (which is currently down as they change servers to accommodate the amount of traffic from fans).

Firefly Online may not be the continuation of the series that fans expected, and those hoping for a rebooted television series or another movie may be disappointed as it doesn’t seem we’ll be getting those anytime soon (if ever).

Firefly Cast to Reunite for Firefly Online Full Cast

But, since the show was already rebooted in Serenity, which wrapped up most of the characters’ storylines with finality, the game may be the most extensive relaunch possible. Browncoats who wanted to explore the different worlds mentioned throughout the series and essentially live in the ‘verse will be able to in Firefly Online.

Now, with the addition of the original casts’ voices, Firefly Online will combine all the original aspects of the cult series to create a game Browncoats will love. Shiny.

Stay tuned to Screen Rant and Game Rant for updates on Firefly Online as they become available.

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