15"Trash" (Episode 11)

It's just too easy when given a title like this. Although none of the episodes are actually trash, some are better than others. "Trash" is the worst of the best.

"Trash" begins with a naked Captain Mal (Nathan Fillion) in the dessert, and that's pretty much the high point.

You would think bringing

back Christina Hendricks' Saffron would be a good thing - what show isn't enhanced by more Christina Hendricks? Sadly, not this one. All mystery and intrigue she had in "Our Mrs. Reynolds" is lost as they push hasty back story and weak character development.

However, we do love River (Summer Glau) straight-up telling Jayne (Adam Baldwin): "I can kill you with my brain."

Every character deserves some mystery - they should have just left Saffron alone on her snowy cabin back in episode six.

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