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Endeavor Content has purchased the film and TV rights for Michael Wolff's controversial book, Fire and FuryFire and Fury has become that rare thing in political books: a bestseller that drives conversation. Written by journalist Michael Wolff, it charts the first year of Donald Trump's presidency in lurid detail.

The Trump administration allowed Wolff unprecedented access to the White House, and he backed his observations up with a series of interviews. It's worth noting, though, that not everything in Fire and Fury will be accurate; Wolff opens with a candid admission that sources often disagreed in their accounts. Where there was conflict, he often chooses one version based on his own instincts.

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For all that's the case, the book has been political dynamite. According to THR, Endeavor Content has purchased film and TV rights for the book. They're believed to have paid a seven-figure sum for them, and will now begin work on a TV series. Wolff himself will serve as executive producer, and veteran Channel 4 and BBC executive Michael Jackson is on board as producer.

It's certainly great news for Wolff, whose sensational account received the best possible advertising when Trump attacked it directly. White House officials went so far as to attempt to prevent Fire and Fury's release. Instead of complying, publisher Henry Holt moved up publication by four days. In the first week, they reported more than 1.4 million hardcover copies on order and 700,000 copies shipped.

The book continues to dramatically reshape the American political landscape. It led to a public falling-out between Trump and his former adviser Steve Bannon. One of Wolff's favorite interview subjects, Bannon's voice can be found throughout the book. In fact, Wolff even slips into using Bannon's sarcastic slang terms to describe other members of Trump's inner circle (such as Jarvanka to refer to Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump). Bannon suddenly found himself under fire from the president, and he was forced to step down from Breitbart News.

Given that context, it was inevitable that Fire and Fury would be adapted for the small screen. The entertainment industry has hardly seemed to be impressed by President Trump. He's been the butt of countless jokes on late-night TV (most memorably an Emoji Movie gag courtesy of Stephen Colbert), and was even reinvented as a Marvel Comics supervillain.

Endeavor can be absolutely confident that this TV series will be a hit, and networks will be competing to pick it up. It's worth noting that the show, like the book itself, is unlikely to change any minds. Trump's critics find exactly the portrayal they'd expect: a bumbling president who is out of his depth, believed unfit by all of his staff. His supporters, on the other hand, can simply respond that Wolff has deliberately chosen the most sensational version of events. Fire and Fury will be tremendously popular, but it won't persuade anyone to change their political allegiance.

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Source: THR

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