Fire Emblem: Three Houses Removes Problematic Byleth Voice Actor

Fire Emblem: Three Houses removes the problematic voice actor behind the English version of male Byleth quietly amongst other major updates.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Male Byleth Voice Actor Removed

Fire Emblem: Three Houses removed the problematic male Byleth voice actor in its latest update, quietly erasing his contribution while also providing some major updates for the title. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is one of the most popular games of summer 2019 and a legitimate contender for one of the best games released all year, successfully blending the social sim elements that have made Persona such a mainstay while losing none of the tactical combat that the series has staked its name on for decades.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses remains a major talking point weeks after its initial release largely because of the depth of the content it offers. Between the Fire Emblem: Three Houses professor ranks that make the social sim elements so addictive and the classmate relationships that form the focal point of the title's gripping story, Nintendo has a game on its hands that can genuinely provide over 100 hours worth of content without trouble. The game's creator even said that Fire Emblem: Three Houses takes 200 hours to beat fully while playing through each house's unique storyline. Add the DLC plans for the game on top, and it's possible some fans don't even get through all of the game before a sequel releases sometime in the future.

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One of the only controversies surrounding Fire Emblem: Three Houses was also dealt with quietly earlier this week in an update. The English voice actor for male Byleth admitted to abuse earlier this summer, and Nintendo quickly committed to removing the voice actor from Fire Emblem: Three Houses swiftly. That's finally come to fruition in the latest update, which also adds a number of promising elements to the game. The new DLC adds Maddening Mode, the most hardcore challenge option available to fans now, as well as a revamped new game plus system that will give players a better head start on subsequent playthroughs of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Golden Deer Claude

While the big news is certainly the removal of the problematic voice actor, it's complemented by the fact that Nintendo is also acknowledging what fans want in-game, too. Fire Emblem: Three Houses received a few more cosmetic upgrades to its characters and choices, on top of the aforementioned difficulty mode that will help improve the game's longevity even further.

With the gaming industry as a whole looking to create safer spaces for members to both work and play in, it's nice to see Nintendo back up its commitment to preserving the integrity of Fire Emblem: Three Houses so swiftly. It's another reminder that, when the gaming community comes together and voices concerns over the abuse of their trust, many positive things can happen - and sometimes, as is the case with Fire Emblem: Three Houses, those positives can also come alongside some exciting new game elements, too.

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Source: Nintendo Support

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