Finding Dory: New TV Spot Arrives; Trailer #2 Will Debut Next Week

In the lead-up to this summer’s blockbuster season, a barrage of hugely anticipated titles are already competing for moviegoers' attention. For the most part, these titles involve intense action and/or superhero might – in short, films that will take viewers on rollercoaster rides of adrenaline, suspense or even in some cases, make them laugh uncontrollably.

But amidst all the excitement, it’s easy to forget about the return of a single little blue tang known as Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres). Having been so long since we last saw her in Disney’s 2003 Oscar-winning smash-hit Finding Nemo, her return isn’t yet as talked about or heavily promoted as other upcoming summer titles.

Disney seems to be taking their time with the marketing of Dory’s return, offering up only one official trailer thus far, coupled with posters that reveal very little. In keeping with this mum’s-the-word approach, a new TV spot has arrived for Finding Dory (above) – which continues the trend of revealing very little, all while gently reminding us that the new film is on its way.

Finding Dory Poster

Dory is charming as ever in the new spot, swimming around a serene and clear aquatic blue background to the sounds of The Chi-Lites 1971 hit 'Have You Seen Her.' Realising that there’s a Finding Dory title card in the water with her (how’s that for fourth wall breaking?) she’s quick to declare to everyone and anyone who’s listening that Dory can be found -- not realising that Dory is in fact, her. The TV spot then reveals that a new official trailer will air on DeGeneres’ multi-award winning Ellen talk show on March 2. Word also has it that the new trailer will likely be attached to Disney’s upcoming Zootopia.

The subtle marketing of Finding Dory is cute, but it’s somewhat surprising to see a powerhouse such as Disney/Pixar take its time in this manner. Yes, they are possibly sitting on a hit, but when the level of competition this summer is considered – and not just live-action competition, but animated family fare such as Angry Birds and Ice Age 5: Collision Course – Disney’s approach thus far has the tendency to come off as either a little sluggish or even overconfident.

Then again, this is a Finding Nemo sequel we’re talking about here. Disney/Pixar coupled with the insane popularity of Ellen DeGeneres and an all-star cast is a recipe for success that’s difficult to ignore. When the time comes for Finding Dory’s release, there’s every chance that the quietest one at the party ends up being the biggest hit.

Finding Dory swims into theatres June 17th, 2016.

Source: Disney/Pixar

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