Finding Dory Teaser Trailer: An Adventure She Probably Won't Remember

Finding Dory is Disney/Pixar's upcoming sequel to their Oscar-winning 2003 animated hit Finding Nemo, once again featuring the voices of Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres as, respectively, neurotic clownfish Marlin and forgetful blue tang fish Dory. The followup picks up six month after the events of its predecessor, as Dory - having remembered some vital information about what she was doing on the day she met Marlin and helped him rescue his son Nemo (Hayden Rolence) - sets out on a journey in the hope of finding her parents (Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy).

Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton returned to co-helm the sequel with longtime Disney/Pixar animator Angus MacLane (who also worked on Finding Nemo over a decade ago), drawing from a script and story that he co-penned with Victoria Strouse (October Road). The Finding Dory teaser trailer will no doubt be attached to Disney/Pixar's next release The Good Dinosaur when it opens in theaters later this month (at the time of writing this), but you can now watch it online.

The Finding Dory teaser trailer, which DeGeneres debuted exclusively through her Youtube channel, will no doubt conjure up feelings of nostalgia in the hearts of those old enough to remember seeing Finding Nemo in theaters - with its use of Thomas Newman's Oscar-nominated score from that film (as well as the tune "Beyond the Sea"), in combination with the return of beloved Pixar characters in Dory, Marlin, and Nemo.

Finding Dory won't be reaching theaters until June 2016, so plucking everyone's nostalgia heartstrings - and making those who weren't aware that a Finding Nemo sequel is, in fact, on the way - is really all that the teaser needed to do, so it's certainly successful in that respect. It will be up to the next trailer to convince everyone that Finding Dory is truly a worthwhile continuation of the story that Stanton and his many collaborators first told more than ten years ago.

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Disney/Pixar's track record is spotty when it comes to prequels or sequels; for example, while Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 are pretty much universally beloved, the reception for Monsters, Inc. prequel Monsters University was comparatively mixed (though positive overall) - and most people seem to agree that Cars 2 is by far the weakest of Pixar's feature films. Moreover, Finding Dory will be Stanton's followup to his live-action filmmaking debut, John Carter - a commercial disappointment that earned a lukewarm critical reception on the whole - so with the director being on the rebound, it's all the more understandable that a number of Pixars fans are hopeful, yet wary of how the Finding Nemo sequel will turn out.

That being said: so far, Finding Dory shows the potential to become another heart-warming and funny adventure from Disney/Pixar - and the addition of talented folk like Keaton and Levy, as well as Idris Elba and Dominic West, Ty Burrell (Muppets Most Wanted), and Ed O’Neill (Modern Family) to the voice cast should only help, in that respect.

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Finding Dory opens in U.S. theaters on June 17th, 2016.

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