Finding Dory Audience Accidentally Gets R-rated Sausage Party Trailer

Finding Dory - Sausage Party

While Pixar films are usually good enough to thoroughly entertain all ages of moviegoer, that doesn't change the fact that the studio's efforts are normally rated G, and thus intended to be suitable for even the youngest of young fans. As such, the last thing the parents of those young viewers likely expected to see when sitting down to take in a screening of Pixar's latest hit Finding Dory was the trailer for the R-rated animated comedy Sausage Party.

Well, thanks to an employee mistake, that's exactly what happened prior to a recent showing.

Bay Area News Talk is reporting the event in question happened at the Brenden Theatre in Concord, California during Finding Dory's opening weekend in theaters. A theatre executive issued the following statement explaining the error:

"Playing that trailer was a one-time honest mistake by a theater manager moving screens around in effort to accommodate several large last minute groups wanting to see Dory, the wrong movie was started by mistake. Our movies are now started and stopped by computer and a click of a mouse. We moved a couple of screens to larger houses to accommodate some walk-up groups over a very, very busy Dory weekend. In the rush one hardworking manager clicked the wrong movie. It was caught soon but not until that trailer was played. We regret it, apologize for it and we are not happy that it happened. We fully realize that this trailer is not appropriate for Dory and we would never schedule something like that. The trailer for Sausage Party is not and has never been scheduled with Dory."

Sausage Party trailer still

For those unaware, Sausage Party is an R-rated, adult-targeted animated comedy centered on a sausage named Frank (Seth Rogen, also a co-writer) who lives a quiet life among the fellow groceries at a supermarket called Shopwell's. The ultimate goal of Frank and Friends is to be selected by a customer, and transported to what they assume will be a happy home. Unfortunately, once inside, the food discovers its true purpose: to be eaten. Naturally, this revelation does not go over well, and it's up to Frank, his friends, and his hot dog bun love interest Brenda (Kristen Wiig) to engineer an escape before they too end up as dinner.

That said, it's understandable why the above premise might upset a 5-year-old who's there to see Ellen DeGeneres voice a forgetful fish. It's unclear whether the Dory audience in attendance was subjected to the normal, green-band trailer for Sausage Party or the more explicit red-band version which is only supposed to be shown prior to other R-rated films. Either way, it's certainly an embarrassment for the theater, and one imagines at least a few refunds were issued to angry customers. Still, were Fight Club's Tyler Durden a real person, it's likely he would find this whole scenario quite amusing.

Finding Dory is in theaters now. Sausage Party arrives in theaters on August 12, 2016.

Source: Bay Area News Talk

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