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Pixar goes back beyond the sea this summer when the film Finding Dory is released. It is a sequel to their 2003 smash Finding Nemo, which is the third-highest grossing film in the studio's history and also one of their most critically acclaimed works (including an Oscar for Best Animated Feature). Fans are eagerly awaiting the followup, curious to see what kind of hijinks Dory and Marlin will get into this time around.

Disney has slowly but surely began to unveil marketing materials for the sequel, including a teaser trailer and images showcasing the cast of new characters. Now, the studio has released a series of posters for the film, illustrating the titular blue tang's adeptness at playing hide-and-seek.

Though the one-sheets don't reveal anything pertinent to the plot, they're still fun to check out as viewers try to locate Dory in each one. They also show off the beautiful locales of Finding Dory, including a jellyfish forest, a group of stingrays, and a coral reef. Check them out below:

Finding Dory jellyfish poster

Finding Dory anemone poster

Finding Dory coral reef poster

Finding Dory stingray poster

Finding Dory takes place just six months after the events of Finding Nemo, and revolves around Dory's quest to get back to her family and where she came from. Nemo director Andrew Stanton is returning to helm the new film, which will look to expand the world created in the first movie. Dory primarily takes place at the Marine Biology Institute of California and will introduce a handful of new characters. These additions include Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton as Dory's parents, Ty Burrell as Bailey the beluga whale, Kaitlin Olson as Destiny the whale shark (also Dory's adopted sister), and Ed O'Neill as Hank the octopus. The Wire co-stars Idris Elba and Dominic West are also joining the cast. The story was conceived by Stanton, who wanted to make sure that Dory knew her way home if she ever got lost again.

Pixar is an industry giant that has crafted some of the most unique and beloved family films in recent memory, but a majority of their successes are their original concepts. When it comes to sequels, their track record isn't as strong. While Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 earned universal praise, Cars 2 is seen by many as Pixar's worst offering and the prequel Monsters University got a lukewarm reception. Hopefully, Finding Dory can be a worthwhile successor to a modern classic, one that tells a fresh and exciting narrative that delights the longtime fans and newcomers who weren't around to see Finding Nemo on the big screen.

The pieces are certainly in place for a thrilling adventure, and Stanton most likely wouldn't have come back unless he felt Finding Dory would be a strong entry into the Pixar canon. After Inside Out reminded audiences why they fell in love with the studio last year, the animation powerhouse is once again back on top. Their upcoming slate of projects include intriguing original films (Coco) and highly-anticipated sequels (The Incredibles 2). It would be nice if Finding Dory could continue the forward momentum of Inside Out and usher in a second age of dominance for Pixar.

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Finding Dory will be in theaters June 17, 2016.

Source: Disney/Pixar

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