Finding Dory Concept Art Highlights New Settings & Hank the Octopus

Leading up to the release of Pixar's forthcoming feature length animated sequel Finding Dory, many fans of the preceding film Finding Nemo are no doubt eager, and perhaps a little perplexed, as to how well writer/director Andrew Stanton will prove when it comes to bringing the original property initially released way back in 2003 to audiences well into the 2010s. Rest assured, the latest Finding Dory trailer appears to capture a lot of the whimsy and charm that made the original an immediately touching and well-remembered classic, and its supporting cast of original characters should capture the attention of audiences the world over.

Until the the new movie finally sees release later this June, Pixar fans and aficionados may decide to look back at Stanton's original classic, and pore over some of the vast aquatic vistas and seascapes that make up that film's wildly imaginative world. And by the looks of things from the latest series of concept art pieces from the team behind Finding Dory, much of the same aesthetic style may be found in Stanton and co-director Angus MacLane's new film.

In a series of exclusive images released by Collider, fans of the original Pixar property can take a look at a grand total of original pieces of concept art used by Stanton and his team to bring Finding Dory to life in the forthcoming motion picture event. Featuring several objects and locales reminiscent of many of the most-remembered and well-cited scenes and sequences from the original film, Finding Nemo fans are likely to find plenty to like in this latest crop of concept art.

You can check out that Finding Dory concept art, below:

With new and old cast-members lending their talents to the movie's rotating list of featured players, including franchise mainstays Ellen DeGeneres as the eponymous Dory and Albert Brooks as the worrying clown fish Marlin, alongside newcomers like Kaitlin Olson (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) as the whale shark Destiny and Ed O'Neill (Modern Family) as the surly octopus Hank, fans of the property are sure to find plenty to love about Finding Dory. Everything appears to be coming together at Pixar in the making of what is perhaps one of their most anticipated sequels to one of their already beloved original films, and the latest batch of concept art paints quiet the picture of said endeavor.

If things continue to fall into place as neatly as they seemingly have thus far at Pixar, then co-directors Stanton and MacLane should have quite the hit on their hands when general audiences begin seeing Finding Dory in theaters this summer. Until then, fans of the Finding Nemo will just have to bide their time and "Just keep swimming" towards the finish line where they will be greeted with the finished film.

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Finding Dory will see theatrical release in the U.S. on June 17th, 2016.

Source: Collider     

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Finding Dory Concept Art Highlights New Settings & Hank the Octopus