Finding Carter Season 3 Updates: Will It Happen?

Finding Carter

Unfortunately for fans of Finding Carter, the teen drama won’t be returning to MTV – here’s why season 3 isn’t happening. Finding Carter debuted its first season in 2014 and boasted one of the most dramatic premises in an MTV show – even compared to the likes of fantasy shows Teen Wolf or The Shannara Chronicles. The series starred Kathryn Prescott as a teenager named Carter who discovers Lori, the woman she thinks is her mother, actually abducted her when she was three years old. She’s reunited with her biological family, the Wilsons – mother, and father Elizabeth and David, fraternal twin sister Taylor and younger brother Grant – but that's only the beginning of the drama to come.

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Over its first 12 episodes, Finding Carter featured everything from shootings and stalking to drugs and extra-marital affairs, with Carter getting abducted by Lori once again. Finding Carter season 2 doubled in size with 24 episodes, which doubled the drama too. By the time the show’s sophomore season was through, Carter and Taylor discover Lori actually is their biological mother and they have a brother Ben, who is the product of an affair between Lori and David. What a tangled web indeed.

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The open-ended season 2 finale left a lot of unresolved storylines dangling, like what happened to Carter and Taylor’s love interest Max after he turned himself in following the murder of Carter’s ex-boyfriend Jared? Or did Ben survive getting beaten up by a drug dealer? Will fans ever find out in Finding Carter season 3?

MTV Canceled Finding Carter In 2016

Kathryn Prescott Finding Carter

In late January 2016, Zac Pullam who played Grant Wilson tweeted, “Sad to say it but if you don't already know, Finding Carter won't be returning for a season 3.” A spokesperson for MTV later confirmed the news was true and the show was indeed canceled.

Falling Ratings Were To Blame For Finding Carter’s Cancelation

During its first season, Finding Carter had strong ratings and averaged 1.14 million same-day viewers according to Nielsen ratings. During the show’s second season that average was down to just 720,000 same-day viewers which wasn’t enough to convince MTV to renew Finding Carter for a third season.

Finding Carter Co-Creator Wants The Show To Return

Back in 2016 shortly after the show was canceled, Finding Carter co-creator Emily Silver tweeted, “if there's ever the opportunity to play with those characters, I'm in.” Of course, that was three years ago and a lot can happen in that time. Nowadays, Silver is an executive producer on the TNT comedy-drama Claws so a Finding Carter revival might not be part of her plans anymore. Whether the show could still return remains to be seen but Finding Carter fans probably shouldn’t hold their breath for a revival.

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