Finally, Some Venom Movie News

The Hollywood Reporter has floated news that there is finally some movement on the long awaited (by fanboys) Venom movie.

The last time there was any news of note was back in February of this year that Sony had met with some "A-list writers" to pen a Venom screenplay. It seems that the main guy on that list was Jacob Estes, who has wrtten Nearing Grace and Mean Creek.

Yeah, I haven't heard of either of those either, but that's ok, because he's out and someone else will be coming in to write the script.

Apparently Topher Grace (who portrayed Venom in Spider-Man 3) does NOT have a "lock" on the role, as the studio doesn't necessarily think he can carry a picture as the star.

I know the character has a cadre of hard-core fans, but I don't see how you build a movie (or franchise) around this character. On the other hand, I suppose it's been done before with the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street movies, so I suppose a villain can be the star of his own film.

Spider-Man 4 is tentatively set for a 2011release, but that's pretty far off, and I guess Sony is looking for something to cash in on something sooner with the currently super-hot superhero movie trend that was ignited by Iron Man and went critical with The Dark Knight.

According to the article neither Marvel nor Sony would comment on this, so I find it interesting that it was published in one of the mainstream Hollywood publications without a source. Usually that sort of story turns up that way in one of the "new media" sites (like this one) and then shows up on the old school sites only when it's been verified by a studio.

There's no target release date set but I imagine it would be well before 2011.

So are you looking forward to a Venom movie? Me, not so much.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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