The good folks over at Batman-on-Film found a brand new article in the New York Times in which they spoke with various members of the production. Included in their report are two new images from the film, once of which you see above.

Christian Bale, who played Batman in Batman Begins and will reprise his role in this summer's The Dark Knight had this to say about how the character will be different in this new film:

This escalation [of crime in Gotham City] has now meant that he feels more of a duty to continue. And now you have not just a young man in pain attempting to find some kind of an answer, you have somebody who actually has power, who is burdened by that power, and is having to recognize the difference between attaining that power and holding on to it.

Bale also said something that is pretty much my mantra here at Screen Rant, although there are those that disagree with me:

"I believe that even the most popcorn-like movie can be done incredibly well,"

That, my friends, is exactly right.

Christian Bale as Batman and Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight

Regarding Heath Ledger's performance, director Chris Nolan had this to say:

'It's stunning, it’s iconic, it's going to just blow people away."

For much more info on the film, head on over to for the full report.

The Dark Knight opens on July 18th, 2008 on both conventional screens and in IMAX.

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