Finally: First Full Star Trek Trailer In November

TrekMovie got the scoop that we will finally be seeing a full trailer for the new Star Trek movie next month. This will not be a teaser but will include both exterior and interior shots of the USS Enterprise as well as scenes of crewmembers speaking dialog from the film.

In addition Paramount will also start lifting the veil of secrecy that's been surrounding the production.

There's no word on which November release the trailer will be attached to - the only two Paramount films coming out are Madagascar 2 and The Soloist. Neither of those seem a fit for the premiere of what Paramount hopes to be a big blockbuster for next Summer. TrekMovie points out that other big and semi-big movies opening next month include Quantum of Solace, Disney's Bolt, Australia and Twilight.

None of those are Paramount films but it wouldn't be the first time that a trailer for one studio's movie appears attached to a release of a competing studio's film.

There are two ways to look at which November film the trailer might be attached to:

1. Attach a trailer for a highly anticipated movie to a film that isn't expected to open very big in order to boost ticket sales via people who are nudged by the possibility of seeing the trailer.

2. Attach a trailer for an upcoming movie the studio wants to build a buzz about to a film that is going to open big at the box office so more people will see it.

While this Star Trek "re-envisioning" does have the popularity of J.J. Abrams' name behind it due to his work on Lost and more recently, Fringe - I think that Paramount will have an uphill battle re-packaging the movie and convincing non-Trek-fans that it's worth seeing. So... I think they'll attach it to a big box office hit like Quantum of Solace or Twilight.

That's not to say that the new Star Trek movie won't be very good or even a huge hit - I just think it's going to take some great marketing to convince people that it's not just for Trek geeks (like me). :-)

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Star Trek opens on May 8, 2009.

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