10 Questions That Will Never Be Answered After The Finale of Easy

For three seasons, Netflix’s Easy helped balance out Black Mirror as another anthology series we could binge. Easy examined all the forms of love and challenged viewers to think about relationships differently, but with less horror and more sex. Most episodes of the show told different and unconnected stories about love around Chicago. Some of the characters collided occasionally, in big ways or in small, but mostly existed separately as each person waded through their own life.

In the final season that dropped last month, some of the stories come to a natural conclusion: brothers Jeff and Matt seem to reconcile and continue the brewery they started; Annie finally finds love. But other stories ended on cliffhangers that we’re never going to get answers to. Here are our ten biggest questions that will never be answered.

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10 What becomes of Gabi? 

When last we see Gabi (Aislinn Derbez) in the back of a cab in season two episode three, “Side Hustle,” she and the baby are on their way to see “the baby’s grandparents.” But whose baby is it? In her episode in season one, “Controlada,” Gabi is torn between safety and passion, and it ends in a very physical confrontation. She stays with safe Bernie, but she never looks happy with him, and the sex they’re having to conceive certainly looks passionless.

In “Side Hustle,” Gabi says Bernie isn’t going to see the grandparents with her because he’s too busy working. Is that all it is? Or does their safe-but-passionless marriage fall apart? 

9 Does Sally Find Success?

In season two episode three, “Side Hustle,” we meet Sally (Karley Sciortino) for the first and only time. She’s a friend of Annabelle’s from the theatre world—an actor and a writer. We also find out that she’s “sort of a hooker,” which is how she makes a comfortable living in Chicago. Sally talks about how she loves being a hooker with one of her clients but admits to Annabelle that it makes dating very difficult for her.

Even though we meet Sally during a meeting with Annabelle about a project they want to create together, we never really see her write. What becomes of her writing career? Does she eventually have to pick between a love interest and her income?

8 Will Tom and Lucy Keep Bringing People Into Their Marriage?

In one of the most well-known episodes of Easy, “Utopia,” married couple Tom (Orlando Bloom) and Lucy (Malin Åkerman) feel like they missed out on something because they never experienced Tinder. They’re happily married, but they want to give swiping a try so they create a joint profile to find a third person to bring into their bed. They end up with their baby’s music teacher, Annie, for one great night.

The show continues to follow Annie (Kate Micucci), but we never find out what happens with Tom and Lucy beyond their happy embrace at the end—was one night enough, or do they keep exploring Tinder?

7 Does Samantha Get Another Chance At Love? 

When Easy focuses on Annie after her encounter with Tom and Lucy, it allows us to meet Samantha (Megan Ferguson), a woman Annie babysits for. In her first appearance, season two episode eight, “Baby Steps,” we learn that Samantha’s husband is an addict who has overdosed and is in treatment.

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When she comes back in season three episode four, “Yes,” she’s divorced. Like Annie, Samantha’s dating and trying to find love, but we never see her with someone else. We’re pretty sure that Annie gets a happy ending with Lucas (John Gallagher Jr.), but does Samantha get one too? Does her husband get clean, or does she meet someone else? We’ll never know.

6 Do Andy and Grace Keep Going to The Food Pantry? 

In “Prodigal Daughter,” Grace (Danielle Macdonald) turns the tables on her parents when they force her to go to church as punishment for lying to them. Grace takes a sermon very literally and begins giving away all their possessions.

The episode challenges her parents’ faith, the family bond, and the difference between faith and religion. The family is changed by the experience, and at the end of the episode it looks like they might be exchanging sitting in a pew for serving meals at the food pantry, but we never see them all together again. We spot Grace drinking underage at a party, but do she and dad (Peter Gwinn) keep volunteering when she’s not breaking the law?

5 Does Annabelle Continue with Stand Up? 

When we last see Annabelle (Jane Adams), it looks like she and Jacob (Marc Maron) are going to try to make something romantic work, despite all the giant red flags screaming that they shouldn’t.

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And frustratingly, there’s so much more to Annabelle that the show ignored in her last appearance. Does she keep doing stand up, as she started in season two episode three, “Side Hustle”? Does she create a play with Sally? In season one’s episode “Chemistry Read,” she looks on sadly as Sophie chooses work over Drew, so we know Annabelle wants love and romance, but she also wants her art. It’s disappointing that we’ll never know if Annabelle gets to create more.

4 Do Kyle and Andi Go Back to Monogamy?

We spend the most time with Kyle (Michael Chernus) and Andi (Elizabeth Reaser), the couple from the very first episode. We see them evolve from unhappy monogamy in season one to happily creating an open marriage season two. But the last episode really spent with them, “Swipe Left,” ends on a big question mark. After effectively destroying someone else’s marriage and feeling estranged from Kyle, Andi seems to decide that polyamory isn’t all that she thought it would be. Kyle, however, is happily pursuing a relationship with Amy (Lindsay Burdges) and can’t walk back the decision to open their marriage. So what happens to them? 

We see them for just a moment in the series finale, in a bar with Sophie, Drew, and yes—Amy. Kyle and Amy don’t interact, though a big deal is made of Andi and Amy hugging. Has Amy broken up with Kyle again in search of something more? Has Andi successfully convinced Kyle to be monogamous? Or does Andi insist they pretend to be a monogamous couple in front of their friends? 

3 What Happens to Amy?

Regardless of what happens with Kyle’s and Andi’s marriage, what happens to Amy? Kyle made it clear in that long and brutal conversation with Andi that he doesn’t believe he (or any human) is meant for life-long monogamy. Yet monogamy is something he seems to think that Amy wants. And he knows he can’t give Amy that because he’s already married and not intending to divorce. So where does that leave her?

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Amy is one of the characters we know the least about because she doesn't speak up much. She looks perpetually sad and seems like she lacks confidence, but there must be more to her than that. In the series finale, “She’s Back,” Amy isn’t focused on much, but she’s there. She hugs Andi, she doesn’t seem to interact much with Kyle and looks just a bit sad the whole time.

2 Are Chase and Jo Going to Make it Work? 

Chase (Kiersey Clemons) and Jo (Jacqueline Toboni) first show up in season one, episode two, “Vegan Cinderella.” Their relationship goes through a rocky beginning as Chase tries to change herself to be what she thinks Jo wants, but they work through it and in season two, they’re living together.

Then in season three, episode three, “Spontaneous Combustion,” their relationship spontaneously falls apart because Chase wants more “experiences.” But when she sees Jo go out with another woman, she seems to have a change of heart, and the episode ends with them sitting together on the couch, drinking a beer. Do they make it work? Can Chase appreciate that a committed relationship is its own experience worth having? Does Jo want to keep dealing with Chase’s impulsive and sometimes destructive decisions, like breaking up? 

1 Can Sophie Have Love and Acting? 

The finale focuses on Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and Drew (Jake Johnson), a couple that went through a break up in season one.

After living in LA for a few years to do a TV show, Sophie goes back to Chicago for one night and seeks out her ex-boyfriend, maybe hoping to reconcile with him. After drinks and talking, it becomes clear that nothing has really changed: Sophie is still emotionally stuck in-between her job and a romantic relationship. She can’t seem to find a way to have both, and so Drew walks away. The entire show ends on Sophie crying. We’ll never know if she figures it out. 

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