Final 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Full Trailer!

A brand spankin’ new trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine has been released today and we have it here for your viewing pleasure.

The trailer really isn’t all that much different from the first official trailer released back in December. It is structured the same way and shows us a lot of the same footage. The main difference is the increased focus on the support characters/other mutants from the Weapon X project.

While much of the video is pretty disorganized, the second half is loaded with action and we get to see snippets of many new action scenes with Deadpool, Gambit, Agent Zero and Cyclops among others.

Check it out and see what you think:


Did I just see Deadpool firing an optic blast near the end there? Do we even know definitively if that is Deadpool? Something’s not adding up and my confusion arises from this character called Weapon XI who is in the movie but not from the comics.

This mysterious character is apparently involved in the final battle with Wolverine but we don’t know anything about him other than he’s played by actor and martial artist Scott Adkins and that his power(s) have yet to be revealed.

We do know from the comics that Wolverine is known as Weapon X, X representing the Roman numeral of the number 10 not relating to the “X” in “X-Men” – He is the tenth iteration of these experiments of the program, the first to be successfully grafted with an Adamantium skeleton. We can therefore assume, Weapon XI is the next experiment after Wolverine – perhaps created to battle him/bring him back?

Here's an image I cut out from a screen grab for the film - I did my best to clear up the blur.

Could it be that what we thought was a topless Deadpool all along fighting Wolverine in the trailer with those strange markings/scars on him was this Weapon XI character and that we’ve not yet seen the actual Deadpool yet? Check out our discussion on what may or not be Deadpool here.

There is quite a bit of online speculation from fans and it can be divided into two camps: one side believes that Weapon XI is Deadpool after some experimentation and the other side holds out hope that they are in fact, separate characters (listed as such on IMDB). Since we get a closer look in this trailer towards the end, we can see those those markings on this character don't really look like scars, more like a drawn on design.

What are your thoughts?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is directed by Gavin Hood and opens May 1, 2009.

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