Final Trailer for Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds!

Hot off the presses we've got the latest and fullest trailer for Quentin Tarantino's upcoming WWII flick, Inglourious Basterds! The trailer recently aired on Spike TV but is now available online for your viewing pleasure!

In fact, what are you doing still reading this? Check out the trailer below to see Brad Pitt and Co. killing Nazis the best (and most brutal) way they know how!

This second trailer does a good job of hinting at there being more to this film than the over the top action/slaughter that the first trailer made it out to be - probably a smart move, considering that some of the early reviews from Cannes criticized the film for being more intricate and "talky" than many were expecting. Some of theater scenes in this second trailer made me think of Valkyrie - what with the whole planning of Hitler's assassination and all.

Still, a lot of the dialogue in the scenes featured in the trailer had me ranging from chuckling to laughing, with a few "Gotta hurt!" winces in there during the violent parts. I suspect I'm going to enjoy this film (but then again I'm an easy sell for Tarantino: I thought Death Proof was great). That said, these recent rumors that the Weinstein Company is trying to shorten the film are suddenly a worry for me: what if they cut a great scene or bit of dialogue because they deem it "boring?"

What did you think of the latest Inglourious Basterds trailer? Did it change your perception of the movie?

The Basterds get down and dirty on August 21, 2009.

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