Final Spider-Man 3 Venom-centric Trailer

So you've probably already heard that the new (and final) Spider-Man 3 trailer is online. Of course if you were one of the folks who've seen 300 then you've already seen this trailer on a big, giant screen.

This trailer concentrates a lot more on Venom than previous footage has and seems to show that Venom is indeed the main antagonist in the film. It seems like Harry and Sandman are more like the triggers for Venom gaining power than anything else.

I had trouble accessing the trailer over at the site Comcast created for the film because I use Firefox instead of IE as my browser. So until someone asks me to take it down or it brings my server to it's knees I'm making it available here. I figure that with them charging me over $60 a month for just cable modem access I'm entitled to host the trailer here. :-)

Click on the image below to watch the trailer.

If you want to see a bunch of screen grabs from the trailer, head of to /Film.

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