Final Space Season Finale Exclusive Clip Is Silly-Serious And A Little Insensitive

Final Space Season 1 Finale

Take a look at an exclusive clip from the space-faring animated comedy Final Space, which aside from airing on TBS, has found a second home on the “fandom-focused video platform,” VRV. The platform is the exclusive place to watch the sci-fi series from creator Olan Rogers and executive producer Conan O’Brien on-demand, making it the best way for those who missed out when the series aired on cable to get caught up before the new season, which is expected sometime in 2019. 

The series is a strange blend of action and humor, one that follows a would-be hero Gary (Rogers) as he explores the universe with his friend Mooncake — a planet destroying entity that looks like a squishy dog toy. Joining Gary on his adventures is Avocato (Coty Galloway), his son, Little Cato (Steven Yeun), and the no-nonsense astronaut Quinn (Tika Sumpter). Together they’re set to uncover some unusual mysteries about deepest reaches of space, all while avoiding the wrath of the unfortunately named Lord Commander (David Tennant). It all adds up to a weird, irreverent animated comedy, that also surprisingly action-packed at times. 

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The new clip is an example of all the above, with the aforementioned action being referenced by an ill-timed insensitive slip-up from one of the robots helping out with Gary’s pep talk to Little Cato. Check out the clip below: 

In addition to Final Space, VRV offers fans of animated fare a one-stop shop to get all their viewing done in one place. Anime fans in particular can watch One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, Naruto Shippuden. And that’s just part of what the service offers. The series also offers things like Rocko's Modern Life, Harmontown, and more. Basically, if you're a fan of animation, this is the streaming service for you.

As far as Final Space is concerned, the series makes for an interesting addition to the growing list of original, more adult-oriented series airing on the network. While the focus is still comedy (remember the "TBS. Very Funny." campaign from a few years back?), seeing the network's programming dip into the arena of animated genre fare is particularly surprising. It's even more surprising that the series itself is such a serialized endeavor, one that may have a bigger-than-expected narrative arc when all is said and done. Whether or not you picked up on Final Space when it aired on TBS, or if you plan to check it out on VRV, the show has a little something for fans of animation, comedy, and even sci-fi.


Final Space season 1 finale can be seen on VRV starting at 12pm on December 19.

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