Final Space Season 2 Trailer: The Animated Sci-Fi Adventure Heads To Adult Swim

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Season 2 of Final Space heads to a new home on Adult Swim, but as the new trailer show, it will still bring plenty of space-faring adventure and comedy. Season 1 of the animated series from creator and star Orlan Rogers aired on TBS and was executive produced by Conan O’Brien. It delivered a surprisingly serialized story about a shifty layabout named Gary Goodspeed (Rogers), who finds himself thrust into an intergalactic struggle between Lord Commander (David Tennant) and the forces who would fight against him. Along the way, Gary met up with several memorable characters, though none were as memorable as the adorable green ball/planet killer named Mooncake. 

With its mix of lighthearted comedy (with the help of a pair of annoying AIs played by Fred Armisen and Tom Kenny) set against the backdrop of a sizable space opera, and animated in such a way as to offset the sometimes shocking level of violence and life-or-death stakes, Final Space was unlike anything on TBS at the time. The result was a weird, silly-serious sci-fi epic with a story that kept getting bigger and bigger. 

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After the events of season 1, it now looks as though Final Space is going to go even deeper into its mythology, unlocking even more of space’s secrets and putting Gary and co. in a lot of trouble along the way. Check out the first trailer for Final Space season 2, along with a synopsis and breakdown of the new cast members below:  

“Buckle up your butt cheeks – it’s about to get wild. Season two of Final Space finds Gary restarting with a new ship and a new AI voiced by Jane Lynch (Glee) as they recover what’s left of his crew. Conan O’Brien reprises his role as Clarence, now a series regular, alongside Ron Funches (Undatable) and Ashly Burch (Attack on Titan) as they embark on an epic mission to free the Titan Bolo (Keith David). Along the way, Gary battles new villains led by Alan Tudyk (Firefly), Christopher Judge (Stargate SG-1) and Gary’s Mom, Claudia Black (Farscape).”

With some changes to the core cast bringing about the arrival of Jane Lynch and Ron Funches, as well as Alan Tudyk bringing his inimitable voice talents to a brand new villain, it would seem Final Space is set for a much bigger adventure in season 2. Given that the synopsis is listing Gary’s mom as a villain also, might mean the series will be getting even weirder, too. 

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Final Space season 2 premieres Monday, June 24th @ 11:30pm on Adult Swim.

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