Final Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull Trailer

At the Iron Man screening(s) I attended the new (and presumably, final) trailer for Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull was shown, and I have to admit that I'm finally getting excited about this film. I just really hope that Spielberg and Lucas manage to re-capture the spirit of the original. The trailer at least, seems to do so.

Check out the brand new trailer below and see for yourself.

I think it looks great and I can't express how happy I am at seeing Karen Allen back on the big screen playing the wonderful character of Marion Ravenwood from the original Raiders of the Lost Ark. One of my biggest disappointments with the series was when they came back with the sequel without her as the leading lady, and instead replacing her with the whiney character played by Kate Capshaw.

That was pretty much unforgivable as far as I'm concerned and to this day Temple of Doom remains my least favorite of the original trilogy.

But Indy 4? This one I'm finally looking forward to (happy now, Niall?). :-)

Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull opens on May 22nd.

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