Final Hellboy II Trailer

We've got the third and final trailer for Hellboy II: The Golden Army (aka Hellboy 2) for you below. While the narration on it is kind of cheesy, this film looks to be a visual feast. If it's anything like the previous one that will just be icing on the cake as we should be getting plenty of cool action and humor to boot.

Unfortunately, with it's odd combination of creatures from the netherworld, humor and a hero who is basically a demon, I don't know how well this will do financially. I can tell you that at a screening I attended for another film, the crowd went nuts for the Mummy 3 trailer but was dead silent for this one. No accounting for taste, I suppose.


So what do you think? Are you looking forward to this one? At the very least it should tide you over until The Dark Knight opens on the following weekend. :-)

Hellboy II: The Golden Army opens on July 11th.

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