Final Fantasy XV: 10 Things Most Fans Didn't Know They Could Do

The Final Fantasy XV hype might be over for some but for many gamers, it's still very much alive. With the recent release of the Ardyn DLC, the interest has been stirred up again and we're here for it. While the timing might be a bit lapsed for some fans, others have been cheering on these extras since day one and eagerly awaiting their arrival. The wait was well worth it and some people even found bliss in firing up the game and running through the (semi) tragic story of Noct and his three best buds. With all of those revivals, we thought it was time for a look back at ten of the coolest things gamers can do but might not necessarily be aware of. We're here to enlighten, delight, and please fans so, of course, Adamantoise is up first.

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10 Defeating Adamantoise, The Cheater (And Totally Awesome) Way

Defeating this behemoth (no pun intended) is something akin to ripping your hair out and then slamming your head against the wall. With an hour-long boss fight minimum for most people -- up to three hours for others -- this event is intense and not very rewarding. While the EXP and cash might be worth it for someone who has yet to complete the game, this one is better left alone until a second playthrough. Once a gamer has completed the game and obtained the Ring of the Lucii, there's a neat trick to beating Adamantoise in less than five minutes. Using the 'triangle' command, which usually blows all enemies to another universe, will end the fight in a matter of minutes. Repeatedly use this command in between warps to power up MP.

9 Leveling Up Glady's Survival Skill Can Be Easier Than It Seems

This is such a poor way of doing it but hey, gotta get those trophies somehow, right? You could spend hours doing nothing but running around and fighting enemies, but it would take you roughly 16 hours of doing this in order to level Glady up anywhere close to a level-10 skill. An easier way (if you don't mind leaving your console on) is to rubberband the joysticks together so that Noct is running in a circle in a safe area (try Lestallum).

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Let a few hours pass, come back, and sleep... Gladio will be well on his way to leveling up his Survival skill in no time.

8 Let's Talk About A Cool Thing Called Farming Bosses

This is a personal favorite. Farming bosses is basically a fun gamer term for repeatedly beating the same boss in order to gain as much EXP as possible from it. A personal preference for this method of leveling up is Adamantoise, especially with the glitch we talked about just prior. By doing this four times in a row and then sleeping in Altissia, a gamer can easily level up by at least 10 in a matter of a half hour, tops. Since Adamantoise is a Hunt boss, he'll continuously respawn the second the Hunt is accepted.

7 An Easy Way To Score The '80 Sidequest' Trophy In A Half Hour, Tops

For those who have the Royal Edition book that came with the game when it was originally released, this will be an easy feat. In order to platinum the game, gamers have no choice but to complete a total of 80 sidequests in order to receive the trophy. This might seem daunting but fear not... There are plenty of men in the world of FFXV who require your assistance. Stock up on 30 car repair kits and follow the guide to find all these lost souls and their out-of-commission cars, then complete the frog quests as well as Cindy's. You should be well on your way if you do this post-game completion.

6 Forget Camping, Sleeping At Altissia Is The Way To Go

While camping is great for leveling up Iggy's Cooking skill, it's not so great when it comes to gaining all that you can out of EXP. This, combined with farming Adamantoise after the game, it simply an unbeatable combo. After gaining massive EXP, don't sleep anywhere but Altissia -- EXP will triple and every character's EXP level will skyrocket. This might be a well-known fact for those who have successfully completed the game, but by farming Adamantoise, you'll have enough money to do it repeatedly.

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It's definitely worth it, especially for those looking to reach level 99 to take on every optional dungeon in the game.

5 Something You Can Get By Not Doing: Leave Magic Alone

Understandably, magic is a blast (again, no pun intended) to play around with. Unfortunately, it doesn't do too much good when it comes to defeating enemies. Unless a gamer is planning on being a master alchemist (which there's not even a trophy for, sorry), there's really no reason to mess with it in the first place. Most enemies will take major damage simply via powerful weapons and high EXP levels. While some enemies are weak to certain magic, the time a gamer will waste crafting said magic will only take away from the fact that these enemies could be defeated by a little melee practice.

4 Go Back In Time With Umbra, Use The Ring To Own The World

Personally, it was much easier to platinum the game by going back and completing most of the option trophies after the main story. With the Ring of Lucii, defeating enemies becomes obnoxiously -- or should we say ob-noct-iously -- easy. With two commands, this ring is surprisingly powerful, and it's definitely powerful enough to get you through a few dungeons. Be wary, though... the ring should only be equipped if you have plenty of Elixers or warp points available, otherwise, there's no way to continuously generate MP. Not all locations will have warp points, so it's ideal to keep your strongest weapons in rotation prior to battle (even though they can be swapped out mid-fight).

3 Difficulty Levels Can Be Changed Mid-Game, Including During The Final Chapter

This is something that is surprisingly unbeknownst to many people. The level you start the game on isn't the level it needs to be finished on, which can come in handy now that four more final bosses have been added. Cerberus and the Guardians do quite the damage for someone who isn't above at least level 55, and an hour-long final confrontation can quickly become a three-hour ordeal. Luckily, the difficulty level can be changed before a gamer even begins the first boss fight: Ifrit.

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When played on Easy mode, a player will be granted Ruby Light each time their HP is depleted, ensuring that they never need to restart the fight. Be forewarned, though, this will mean sacrificing the trophy you'd gain for beating Ifrit on Normal mode.

2 Aranea Only Comes Out At Night When The Timing Is Right

Aranea is a fan favorite and while she has quite the spotlight in Prompto's story, she's fairly elusive in the main story. She does come out at the right time, however; when fighting a daemon at night, Ignis will point out that Magitek troopers are overhead. Except, it's not an aircraft full of Magitek -- it's actually Aranea. She jumps down to help in battle which is beyond useful when fighting flaming big boys wielding 30-foot swords. This allows the player to use her link attack as well, and Highwind is generally pretty formidable when used against most enemies.

1 Find The Kukris At The End Of The Game, It's Worth It For Kingsglaive Fans

While there are many weapons to be found throughout the game, especially in the optional dungeons, it's worth it to find Nyx's daggers. These are fairly powerful but really, it's a fun Easter egg from the Kingsglaive movie. They can be found pretty easily in the last chapter while running around Insomnia and there are plenty of guides out there to point you in the right direction. The ultimate daggers for any gamer would be the Zwill Crossblades, but Nyx's weapon of choice is much easier to achieve. Plus, you'll feel like a total baddie rebel waving these things around.

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