Final Fantasy XV Becomes Franchise's Fastest-Selling Game Ever

The latest installment in the Final Fantasy franchise is the biggest selling game of the series after only a day of release.

Final Fantasy XV, Noctis and his friends pausing in a field

First launched all the way back in 1987, Square Enix's Final Fantasy series has become one of the most popular video game franchises in history. Over the course of numerous sequels and spinoffs across countless platforms, and with plenty of tie-in media along the way, the game has long been praised for its ever-expanding cast and plot, layered storytelling, and visually stimulating graphics. Combining the best of both RPGs and action-adventure games, the various games have proven themselves so popular that characters have even crossed over into the acclaimed Kingdom Hearts series along with many of Disney's most iconic creations.

The announcement of a new Final Fantasy game is always cause for celebration among fans, but the six year gap between entries has brought the excitement to a fever pitch. What's more, the latest installment of the franchise has been in development since 2006. So when Final Fantasy XV was announced earlier this year, along with the reveal that it would be accompanied by a film and an anime series, the gaming community went justifiably nuts. Fans have spent years spinning all manner of crazy theories and trying to come up with answers to some of the series' greatest mysteries. Knowing the love people have for the franchise, it's hardly surprising that the latest game is the fastest-selling in history.

Debuting just two days ago, Square Enix put out a press release today stating that the game had already sold five million units during its first day on the market.

SQUARE ENIX announced that the day one shipment and digital sales for FINAL FANTASY XVreleased simultaneously across the globe earlier this week, has exceeded five million units – becoming the fastest selling game in the history of the FINAL FANTASY series.

Final Fantasy XV battle

Following the epic journey of Prince Noctis and his comrades-in-arms as they attempt to defeat the chaos wrought by the empire of Niflheim, the game is already being praised by fans and critics for its immersive world, stunning design, and sprawling open-world gameplay. Given the popularity of the previous games, and the time it's taken for the latest title to be released, it's understandable that fans would be eager to get their hands on a copy. Like Pokémon, the other long-running Japanese game franchise that just released its own new installment to record salesFinal Fantasy has garnered a dedicated following thanks to almost three decades of producing some of the best games out there.

The press release also mentions the fact that Final Fantasy XV is the first game in the series to launch globally on the same day. This world-wide release is surely another major factor that helped contribute to the record-shattering sales for the company. Knowing that, Square Enix and many other game companies will likely start adhering to this tactic more consistently in the future. Not only does it allow them to boast of their amazing sales feats, but it allows fans and players all over the world the chance to simultaneously experience the new game at the same time and share their stories (and buzz for the title) on social media. If you're not in the know about the new game, here's everything you need to get caught up before you inevitably go grab a copy yourself.

Final Fantasy XV is globally available in stores and online now.

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