15FF7 - Cait Sith Is The (Obnoxious) Traitor

Cait Sith Reeve Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is often regarded as the best game in the series. Nothing is perfect, however, and in Final Fantasy VII's case, the thing holding the game back is a particularly stupid looking party member.

The cast of Final Fantasy is composed of cool looking characters... except for Cait Sith. He looks like a

big pink marshmallow with a cat on top. The vast majority of players will kick him straight out of the party at the first chance they get and do their best to pretend he isn't there during cutscenes.

Cait Sith's biggest problem is the reveal that he has been betraying the party the whole time. When you meet him in the Gold Saucer, he tags along with the party and refuses to leave. This is despite the fact that the cast is made up of wanted terrorists, who are being hunted by the world's biggest corporation. They just let this animatronic dummy join the crew without question. One must also wonder why Shinra's plan of infiltrating the AVALANCHE gang involved a Five Nights at Freddy's reject, who is welcomed into the party for no other reason than the plot demands it.

It wasn't enough that Cait Sith ruined Final Fantasy VII. When they brought him back for Advent Children, he had an annoying Scottish accent. God help us all when we have to listen to that in the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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