Final Fantasy: The 15 Most Insane Glitches

Final Fantasy VII Cloud Glitch

The Final Fantasy series is no stranger to bugs and programming errors. Glitches are an inevitable part of video gaming. They have become even more prevalent in modern times, as the ability to patch games has become a feature on consoles. This has allowed developers to become lazy, as they can just patch out any bugs in later updates. It's easy to thoroughly check a short and straightforward game, like Super Mario Broswhich is why that series rarely has major glitches. When it comes to debugging a Final Fantasy game, which has hundreds of hours of gameplay, along with countless situations that can occur in combat, things tend to go awry.

We are here today to look into the craziest glitches that can be found within the Final Fantasy series. These bugs have persisted for almost thirty years and don't seem to be stopping anytime soon. From the wandering spirit of one of gaming's' most beloved characters to the strangest way, anyone has ever expressed grief.

Here are the 15 Most Insane Final Fantasy Glitches!

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Aerith Zack Final fantasy VII
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15 The Ghost Of Aerith

Aerith Zack Final fantasy VII

The success of Final Fantasy VII coincided with the arrival of the Internet in many people's homes. This led to many websites being created that discussed the game and its many secrets. A lot of websites were host to urban legends, concerning the many false ways that Aerith can be brought back from the dead.

Final Fantasy VII has a glitch that helped add credence to the numerous fake Aerith revival methods. If the player returns to Midgar after saving Cloud in Mideel, then they can see the ghost of Aerith tending to the flowers within her old church. If you approach her, then she will disappear.

Aerith's ghost is a central part of many of her resurrection myths. Sadly, her ghost in the church is caused by a glitch. Aerith appears due to an issue with the starting positions of the people on the map. When you enter the church, you are briefly seeing her scripted first appearance (when she discovers Cloud's body among the flowers). Approaching her will cause the game to fix its error.

14 The Invisible Woman

The original Final Fantasy (1987)

Glitches in Final Fantasy go all the way back to the beginning. One of the most famous glitches in the series can be found in the first town in the first Final Fantasy game on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

If you enter Cornelia Castle at the start of Final Fantasy, then you can find an empty room near the entrance of the castle, that contains an invisible person. It is possible to interact with this person, who will tell you that the Princess is looking for you. This glitch is caused by an error in the programming, which is meant to make everyone outside of the room invisible, instead of its inhabitant.

For years, this glitch was referred to as "The Invisible Man of Cornelia". It was later discovered that you could see the invisible person, by entering the room with a walk through walls code. This method revealed that the invisible man was actually a woman all along.

13 Don't Call Him Spoony!

Edward Final Fantasy IV

Edward from Final Fantasy IV might be one of the most useless characters in the series. He is seriously underpowered compared to every other party member in the game. Edward has abysmal stats and some of the worst abilities in the series. This was made into even more of an issue in the American version of Final Fantasy IV (which was renamed Final Fantasy II), as Edward's Salve ability was removed from the game.

In the Game Boy Advance remake of Final Fantasy IV, it is possible to turn Edward into an unstoppable killing machine. If you inflict the Berserk status on him, followed by lowering his HP to critical status, then he will automatically use his Hide ability (which protects him from all attacks). Due to an oversight in the game's programming, he will still attack random enemies (which he normally cannot do while hiding). Edward can only be removed from this state if the other party members are killed. So long as you concentrate on keeping one other character alive, then Edward will remain invincible.

12 The Blitzball Reverse Offside Rule

Final Fantasy X, Wakka captaining a Blitzball match

The Blitzball minigame from Final Fantasy X was an attempt at fitting a full sports game within a Final Fantasy title. Blitzball is essentially an underwater version 0f handball, that is played on a totally flat plane (which makes you wonder why they bothered to make it underwater in the first place). You are forced to play in one incredibly difficult Blitzball game before you are able to ignore it for the rest of the story.

One of the reasons that Blitzball is so hard is that every other player in the league possesses a range of awesome abilities, while your starting team does not (outside of Tidus and Wakka). If you want to complete the various Blitzball leagues and championships (for the unique items that are given as prizes), but don't want to be bothered with actually playing the game, then there is a glitch that can help you.

If you want to easily win at Blitzball, then use Tidus to score a single goal. The next time one of your players gets possession of the ball, you can just hide that player behind the goalie. All of the members of the opposing team will not be able to pursue you beyond a certain point. You can just hide in the goal and wait out the clock.

11 The Emperor & The Toad

Final Fantasy II Emperor

When it comes to RPGs, most players don't bother with magic spells that inflict status elements. This is due to the fact that they have unreliable accuracy and most bosses are immune to them. It makes more sense to focus on spells that deal damage or buff the party, as these tend to be more useful.

The end boss of most Final Fantasy games is usually resistant to cheap tricks involving glitches. This is not true of Emperor Mateus, who is encountered at the end of Final Fantasy II, as it is possible to kill him with two spells.

Emperor Mateus is resistant to various spells and status effects. You can cast protection and buffing spells on him, however, which is where his weakness lies. Should you cast the Wall spell on him, then it won't have much of an effect. Wall has the unique trait of playing the animation of the spell, regardless of whether it was successful or not. If you cast Wall on the Emperor, followed by Toad, then he will turn into an amphibian... and die. The Toad spell will kill anything that it hits (assuming the foe doesn't resist it) and the Wall spell is what makes the Emperor weak to its effects.

10 The Power Of Onions

Final Fantasy III onion knights

Final Fantasy III starts out with all of the party members being Onion Knights. This is the default job of the game, which only provides basic combat abilities. You should change everyone into a different job as soon as they become available. The Onion Knight job does not become useful again until the end of the game, as they gain a massive increase in stats after level 90. Onion Knights are also the only job that can equip the Onion gear, which is the best equipment in the game.

If you want to use the Onion Sword, Shield, Helmet, Armour, and Gauntlets early on, then you can use the item upgrade glitch to get them at the start of the game. The player needs 99 of any one item in the game. Once you win another one of those items in battle, then the next thing on the equipment list will be changed into another item. Through this glitch, you can transform the weakest equipment in the game into the best.

9 The Madness Of Exdeath


The end boss battle in Final Fantasy V is unusual, this is because the ending will subtly be altered, depending on the amount of party members that are still alive at the conclusion of the fight. If any of the party members are dead when Neo Exdeath is defeated, then they will be left behind in the Void. They will be returned to the real world during the ending, so you shouldn't worry too much about trying to keep everyone alive.

It is possible to skip Exdeath's final form, during the last boss battle against him. If you enter the battle with a Chemist, then you can use the Mix ability to combine a Maiden's Kiss and a Holy Water. This mixture will create an effect known as the "Kiss of Blessing", which grants Haste, Image, and Berserk on its target. Due to an oversight in the programming, this item ignores resistance to status effects. You can use the Kiss of Blessing to inflict the Berserk status on Exdeath's first form. Exdeath cannot transform whilst under the effects of Berserk. If you can kill his first form, then the battle is over and the ending will play.

8 Skipping Midgar

Midgar FFVII Concept Art

Final Fantasy VII is considered to have one of the best starting locations in gaming history. The city of Midgar perfectly sets up the tone of the game, whilst immediately laying out the environmentalism theme to the player. All of the quests in the Midgar are memorable, from the opening raid on the Mako Reactor to the final car chase out of the city.

Cloud and his friends eventually need to return to Midgar, in order to deal with Shinra for good. This segment is less memorable, due to the fact that it mainly consists of several annoying boss battles, against the likes of the Turks, the Proud Clod, and Helletic Hojo.

It is possible to skip this section of the game. If you approach the Northern Crater after defeating Diamond Weapon, then you will see a cutscene where Rufus is talking to Hojo on the phone. Normally, you cannot move during these cutscenes. The exception to this is the segment with Hojo. If the player holds down and right on the control pad, whilst Hojo is on the screen, then they can skip straight to the boss battle against him.

7 The Rest Of Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV had one of the most tumultuous developments of any game in the series. It started out as a different game, called Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and spent almost a decade in production. The game went through numerous changes during this time, so it should come as no surprise that a lot was left on the cutting room floor.

When the demo of Final Fantasy XV was released, it was discovered that players could glitch themselves out of the regular play area, by allowing themselves to be struck whilst next to the barrier. This allowed them to see parts of the world that were still in development. When the full version of Final Fantasy XV was released, players once more glitched themselves out of bounds, in order to see the world that could have been.

There is a massive segment of Final Fantasy XV's world map that goes unused, including a huge area covered in snow. It seems that a lot more was originally planned for the second half of the game. This makes sense, as the game becomes a lot more linear as the story progresses. We may still see this part of the world fleshed out, as Final Fantasy XV is still receiving free updates and DLC.

6 The Ramza Horror Picture Show

Final Fantasy Tactics time mage

In Final Fantasy Tactics, there are certain items and jobs that are limited by gender. Males, for example, can turn into Bards, whilst women can become Dancers. For the most part, the gender of a character only has a minimal effect on stats, so the player doesn't need to care too much about the sex of their party members.

There is one character in Final Fantasy Tactics that does not conform to the gender rules of the game. It is possible to encounter a male Time Mage within the Midlight's Deep dungeon. If you kill this Time Mage, then they will emit the female death scream. Should you recruit this character into your party, then they will have the statistics of a female but will use all of the male sprites and portraits. It is even possible to turn this unit into a Dancer, though they will look like a Bard.

Players were unsure if this character was the result of a glitch, or was intentionally included by the developers. The unique Time Mage was removed in the PlayStation Portable version of the game, which is generally considered to be proof of the character being a glitch.

5 The Heaven Chainsaw Massacre

The Final Fantasy Legend box art

In The Final Fantasy Legend, the end boss of the game is the Creator. He is the God who created the world, along with all of its problems. The player will get their chance to fight him at the end of the game, only to discover that he is no pushover.

Do you want to kill God with one attack? Then just use the Saw weapon on him. The Saw will instantly kill the Creator and end the game.

The reason the Creator is weak to the Saw is due to an error. When the Saw is used in battle, it is supposed to instantly kill any enemy whose defense is lower than the user's strength. The error causes this value to be switched, which means that the Saw only works on enemies with high defense. As the end boss of the game, this makes the Creator the most viable target for a Sawing.

4 The Problem With Sketching

Relm Ultros Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI is the most glitch-filled game in the series. The game is filled with potentially dangerous bugs that can ruin your save file. Final Fantasy VI has lots of unused content within its files (some of which was restored in the Game Boy Advance remake of the game), which has caused speculation about the game having a rushed development.

One of the easiest glitches to activate in Final Fantasy VI concerns the character of Relm and her unique Sketch ability. Relm can draw pictures of her enemy in battle, which will cause it to use one of its own attacks on itself. The Sketch glitch is activated whenever Relm misses the enemy with her Sketch ability. This will cause the game to glitch out, which usually affects the graphics.  The Sketch Glitch can cause random effects, such as crashing the game or filling the inventory with random items.

The Sketch Glitch was such an issue that Squaresoft actually released an updated version of the game, which fixed the bug, as well as other known issues.

3 The Wizard Staff Time Paradox

Final Fantasy II was once planned to receive an official English localization. An unfinished prototype of the game (called Final Fantasy: Dark Shadow over Palakia) has leaked online, with an Engrish script that is still far from completion. It might be for the best that this version of the game never saw the light of day, as Final Fantasy II contains one of the silliest glitches in the series.

In the original version of Final Fantasy II, it is possible to find a weapon, called the Wizard Staff. If used in battle, this staff will cast a powerful spell on a random combatant. This means that either the enemy or a party member will be hit by the spell. At least, that's what the Wizard Staff is supposed to do. As Emperor Mateus (the final boss of the game) has unique targeting data, it is possible for the Wizard Staff to target him, even though he isn't in the battle.

The poor Emperor is probably sitting in his throne room, drinking a cup of tea, when some asshole tries to hit him with a spell from beyond the boundaries of time and space. It's no wonder he went crazy.

2 Marcus' Inheritance To Eiko

Eiko Garnet Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX has several temporary party members that join for short periods of time. This mostly happens at the beginning of the story, when three members of the Tantalus Theater Troupe are involved with the plan to kidnap Princess Garnet.

Cinna, Blank, and Marcus are all members of the party at brief points in Final Fantasy IX. The three Tantalus members are linked to party members that join later in the game. Cinna and Blank's level will affect the starting levels of Quina and Amarant. Marcus' level is supposed to affect Eiko's, but due to a glitch in the game, it is his stats that pass over.

Should you manage to get Marcus to level 99, then he will pass on over forty stat points to Eiko, when she finally joins the party. This has the potential to make Eiko the strongest character in the game, as she can max out her stats at a much earlier point than everyone else.

1 Vincent's Lovely Legs

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, Vincent Valentine and Tifa Lockheart scene

The original PC port of Final Fantasy VII was a total disaster. Squaresoft had never attempted to port one of their games to Windows before, which caused numerous conversion issues. All of the audio files were turned into MIDI files, which drastically lowered their quality. The same is true of the FMVs, which were converted into AVI files, which made them look terrible.

By far the biggest issue with the PC port of Final Fantasy VII was the bugs. Not only did the game retain all of the glitches from the original version of Final Fantasy VII, but it added several of its own. This version of the game is basically unplayable without fanmade patches.

The most notorious glitch in the PC version of Final Fantasy VII is caused by bringing Vincent with you into the scene where Aerith is killed. When he goes to pay his respects to the dead, one of his legs will be stuck up in the air, as if he is doing a high kick or the can-can. Vincent has decided to honor his fallen comrade, by acting out the "Don't Mention the War" sketch from Fawlty Towers. Aerith was probably laughing from within the Lifestream, whilst Cloud looked on in horror.


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