Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets Brand New Gameplay Footage

Aerith Final Fantasy VII Remake Cover

After years of silence, there has finally been an update concerning the Final Fantasy VII RemakeSquare Enix revealed a new gameplay trailer during Sony's State of Play event, which offered a new glimpse at the characters and the events at the start of the game.

There have been rumors of a Final Fantasy VII remake since the days of the PlayStation 2, but it wasn't until E3 2015 that the project became a realityFinal Fantasy VII Remake was announced with a brief cinematic trailer, followed by a short gameplay trailer at the 2015 PlayStation Experience event. There have only been a few sporadic updates since then and they mostly consisted of behind the scenes shifts, such as the game being supposedly switched to the action genre and a new co-director joining the project alongside Tetsuya Nomura. The Final Fantasy characters were also missing from Kingdom Hearts IIIwhich meant that Cloud and Sephiroth's storyline was also seemingly forgotten in that franchise as well.

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Square Enix finally revealed new footage of the Final Fantasy VII Remake during Sony's recent State of Play event. The footage consists almost entirely of new material, offering glimpses of Aerith and Sephiroth's new designs, as well as showing how the quests from the early parts of Final Fantasy VII will look in the remake. The trailer shows Cloud & Aerith's first interaction on the streets of Midgar, the Guard Scorpion boss firing missiles, Biggs and Jessie retreating into a train station, the Aps boss that is fought in the sewers beneath Don Corneo's mansion, Cloud using his Cross-slash Limit Break against an enemy, and Cloud having a vision of Sephiroth during the initial bombing mission.

The trailer concludes with a message stating "More to come in June," which almost certainly refers to Square Enix's E3 2019 conference on June 10/11 (depending on the region). Sony is sitting out E3 in 2019 for the first time in the history of the event, but news concerning the Final Fantasy VII Remake might be all the company needs to get by. The trailer also ended with the PlayStation 4 symbol among its credits, confirming that the game is still coming to that system and isn't being saved for the PlayStation 5 (as has been rumored.)

The fans of Final Fantasy VII have waited a long time for more news concerning the remake and it seems as if the wait is coming to an end. If the Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to be featured at Square Enix's E3 conference, then that means there is a good chance that a release date will be forthcoming. Square Enix has previously established that Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to be split over several games, so it's possible that the first game could see a release in 2019.

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