Final Fantasy VII Remake E3 2019 Event Reveals Battle System Details and Tifa's New Design

Tifa Final Fantasy VII Remake

The Final Fantasy VII Remake was finally shown in more detail at Square Enix's E3 2019 event and new information has been revealed about the game's battle system, length, and various collector's editions, as well as giving players their long-awaited glance at Tifa Lockhart's new design.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase took to the stage during Square Enix's E3 2019 conference and discussed the story of Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is confirmed to include a lot of new events and scenes that weren't present in the original version of the game. Kitase predicts that there will be two Blu-ray discs worth of content and the first game in this project will focus on the events in Midgar, which have now been expanded to the length of a full game, even though the initial Midgar section in Final Fantasy VII was only a few hours long. Update - Jason Schreier of Kotaku spoke to Yoshinori Kitase and asked him how many games the Final Fantasy VII Remake will consist of and posted the response to Twitter. Kitase said that he couldn't say at that time "because we don't know ourselves."

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The combat system in Final Fantasy VII Remake was discussed in more detail and it seems to combine elements from classic Square Enix RPGs like the original Parasite Eve and Vagrant Story with the exciting action of the Kingdom Hearts series. Cloud Strife and his allies can fight in an action RPG style, which allows them to dodge enemies and perform attacks that can fill up their ATB meter. Once the meter is full, the character can perform special commands, such as using magic. Using special abilities from the ATB meter will pause the action, which gives the game a hybrid action/turn-based combat style.

The trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake also gave players their first glimpse at Tifa Lockhart's new design. There had been speculation going into E3 that Tifa's clothing would be toned down or switched for something that was more similar to her Advent Children or Kingdom Hearts design. Those fears were unfounded, as Tifa is wearing almost the exact same skimpy outfit that she donned in the original version of Final Fantasy VII, except that she now wears a pair of thigh-high socks as part of her gear.

The special editions for the Final Fantasy VII Remake were also detailed at E3. The Deluxe Edition contains a hardback art book, a mini-soundtrack CD, a summon materia DLC allowing players to summon Cactuar in game, and a Sephiroth steelbook case. The Digital Deluxe Edition contains a digital art book, a digital mini-soundtrack, and summon materia DLC allowing players to summon Carbuncle and Cactuar.The “1st Class Edition” includes all Deluxe Edition content, the Carbuncle Summon Materia DLC, as well as a Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife and a Hardy Daytona box set, both of which are available to pre-order now.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake was first revealed at E3 2015 and Square Enix has revealed almost no new information about the game until today. The time for the Reunion is almost as at hand, as Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming first to PlayStation 4 on March  3, 2020.

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