14The Friendly Enemies Quest

Ozma Final Fantasy

The problem with the Friendly enemies quest is that there's no clue given in the game as to the relevance of its completion.

Ozma is one of the superbosses hidden within Final Fantasy IX. It is one of the creepiest creatures in the entire series, as it is a swirling ball of unstoppable energy that just destroys whatever comes into contact with it.

In order to be able to strike Ozma with physical attacks and to

make it weak to the shadow-element; the player needs to complete the "Friendly enemies" quest. This involves traveling the world and encountering several nice monsters that request items from you or ask you questions in exchange for rewards.

There's also no clue that you will even get anything for seeking all of these creatures out.

This is a holdover from the era when Square Enix used to put secrets in their games in order to sell strategy guides. We have the Internet now, so quests like these just come off as obnoxious.

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