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Red XIII Final Fantasy

Cloud Strife is one of the most beloved protagonists in video game history and there are likely a lot of people who will disagree with the idea of Red XIII replacing him. The problem with Cloud stems from the needlessly complex story surrounding his memory loss.

In Final Fantasy VII you need to

see the hidden cutscene that explains Zack's death, in order to understand the story. You also need to play the game twice in order to fully understand the depth of Cloud's memory loss, and how it affects the other characters (namely Tifa).

Red XIII would give Final Fantasy VII a unique protagonist, who would have a greater connection to the themes of environmentalism. He is the last survivor of a species in a world that is being drained of life.

He is dragged into the Shinra storyline because they want to perform experiments on him. He could have fulfilled a similar role to Tidus in Final Fantasy X, where we could have seen the world through fresh eyes, instead of having the characters explain things that they should already know to each other (such as Barret not knowing how materia works, or Sephiroth explaining Mako).

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