20Ruined - Necron Reveal (FF9)

Necron boss fight in Final Fantasy 9

The problem is that we learn next to nothing about Necron. He is given no backstory, no motivation, and we are merely meant to infer how powerful he is because he looks big and scary.

Final Fantasy IX pulls a bait-and-switch in the worst possible way. It takes the villain we’ve faced for the majority of the game, the mystic wizard Kuja, and yanks the rug out from under him, only to give us a new villain who is lacking in depth and

is far less memorable: Necron. Now, on paper, Necron should be a very impressive baddie. He is the physical manifestation of death (hence the name), and his ultimate goal is to reduce everything in the world to nothing. Sounds formidable enough.

It's a ploy that comes off painfully cheap. It is, in many ways, the same fate that befell 2016’s Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. In that film, Colin Farrell’s menacing charmer is replaced at the last minute by Johnny Depp, who simply looks pale, powdery, and confused as to why he’s in the scene. Necron is the Johnny Depp here. He’s the twist that no one really asked for.

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