15The Original Fate Of Lucrecia

She would later come to regret this decision, due to what Sephiroth became.

Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII is obsessed with the creature known as Jenova, whom he refers to as his mother. Sephiroth's real mother is a woman named Lucrecia Crescent, who agreed to partake in the experiments that led to the creation of Sephiroth, as she allowed her unborn child to be injected

with Jenova cells.

In the lore of Final Fantasy VII, Lucrecia was on board with the whole experiment, which included being impregnated by Hojo.

The Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega guide revealed that Lucrecia was originally planned to be an unwilling participant in the experiments that created Sephiroth. This would have included Hojo drugging her so that she could carry the baby to term.

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