15 Worst Moments In Final Fantasy History

Tidus Yuna Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is glorious, even when it is terrible. It's one of the most beloved video game series in the world, even though every single new entry in the series manages to enrage at least half of its fanbase. Some of the fans get angry to the point of promising never to return again, only to make a quick return every time a new game is announced.

Just like most Final Fantasy titles, this list was made not to raise hate. The objective here is to point out that even the greatest games may have flaws, and that many of those flaws may be important to note, whereaothers may even make the game entire game experience even more fun in retrospect. Just like most Final Fantasy games, this list is certain to get some hate.

The list is comprised of stupid moments from the main entries in the series only, as including Final Fantasy X:2 would have made it just way too easy. Here are 15 Worst Moments In Final Fantasy History.

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Final Fantasy IX
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15 Final Fantasy IX’s plot is basically Dragon Ball Z

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX is legitimately a great and truly under-appreciated game. However, there is a really strange problem with the story, which is that it obviously took various story elements from Dragon Ball Z. Sure, Cloud from VII was a carbon copy of Gohan from the Cell saga, but that was one character, not the entire story. It is completely fair for developers to take some inspiration from other works they like, but it is not very smart to copy the story from the most famous anime in the world to make a game that is meant to be sold to players who most likely watch anime.

Some things look fishy right from the beginning. We start to play as a kid with a tail, Zidane, who transforms into an ape like version of himself when he reaches a state of trance-- this is just the beginning. Later, players find out that Zidane is part of a race that, just like the Saiyans, are sent to other planets to conquer them by a Frieza-like guy called Garland. Obviously things would not be complete without a Vegeta-type rival, Kuja, who, in the only departure from DBZ’s plot. ends up serving as the game’s main villain. It's different, but it's nothing Vegeta didn’t try as well.

14 Final Fantasy XII swapped its main character at the last minute

Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII was supposed to be a departure from many things players associated Final Fantasy with-- the most obvious of which were its new combat system and very different soundtrack. The least obvious was supposed to be the introduction of a more mature main character. Basch Fon Ronsenburg was supposed to be the main character, which makes perfect sense, as his story is not only much more interesting, but actually directly connected to the events in the game.

Unfortunately, not long before the game was released, the developers got cold feet and decided to give Vaan the main role, relegating Basch to a still great, but secondary role. Unlike Basch, Vaan is one of the least liked character in the series, not for being particularly bad, but for being rather bland. So, instead of a really cool main character, players were left with a less annoying version of Tidus.

13 Final Fantasy VIII saves players with a miracle

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII is the clear ugly duckling of the family. Some of the criticism it gets is greatly overblown, but this one is most certainly deserved. At one point in the game, the main character has to make the classic decision of jumping to a most certain death to save his love interest. This time though, the character isn’t jumping off a cliff, but rather into the depth of space to try to rescue Rinoa, who is lost and drifting away.

After an actually pretty cool sequence, the two characters are finally reunited, but unfortunately they are now both lost in space, with no way of being saved. Or are they? After drifting for a while with nothing in their sights other than the vastness of space, they see an a very convenient spaceship drifting out of the corner of their eyes and even manage to board it with difficulty whatsoever. This is probably the most unlikely scenario to ever take place in the series, and it is especially sad because it takes place right before one of the game’s best moments.

12 FFX Yuna has the worst guardians of all time

Final Fantasy X

The entire world of Final Fantasy X is under constant attack by a gigantic monster called Sin. This monster supposedly exists to make humans pay for their, you guessed it, sins. Sin is basically a very big whale-like monster with the ability to destroy cities in few minutes. Luckily there is a way to temporarily stop this creature, through the form of summoning another creature to battle it. In order to do this, summoners from all over the world do a pilgrimage that will take them through many locations, where they will get new summons, up to the final one, where they will get the summon that is going to temporarily kill Sin.

FFX follows summoner Yuna through her pilgrimage. Most summoners have either one or two guardians. Yuna’s father managed to defeat Sin with just two. Yuna, on the other hand, has 6 guardians. Still, they manage to get her kidnapped a hilariously high amount of times during the game. One of these times, Yuna even manages to be kidnapped from their previous captors by a new group of captors before the group of guardians, and the players controlling them, even begin to understand what the hell is happening.

11 FFX Tidus makes Yuna laugh and players cry

Final Fantasy X Tidus laughing

This is the most infamous moment in the history of Final Fantasy, and maybe even in voice-acting history. It is so well known that it probably wouldn’t even have a place on this list if it weren’t for the fact that it is infamous for all the wrong reasons. This scene is criticized because the voice-acting performance by James Arnold Taylor is seen as poor, but he's hardly the problem. Taylor did as well as anyone possibly could have done with the material provided.

Anyone in doubt can check any dub of the game and they will find the same level of pain-inducing cringe but with a slightly different voice in any other dub. The designers and writers are the ones to blame for such an awkwardly sad moment. Luckily the internet was able to turn something that was supposed to be heartwarming but turned out to be tragic into a legitimately hilarious moment. This miracle happened through all sorts of crazy remixes which every true fan of the series should watch.

10 Final Fantasy XIII tried to fix what was awesome

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy games are great for giving the players the freedom, or at least the illusion of freedom, to play the game in a way that makes them feel they are in control of their fantastical journey. So after more than ten games pleasing the fans with this cool design choice, what do the designers do for Final Fantasy XIII? They turn the entire game into a gigantic corridor which allows for no exploration at all.

Sure, there is a legend that tells fans that, at some point, Final Fantasy XIII branches out, and gives the players some alternative paths to follow, but it is uncertain as to whether there has ever been a player brave enough to play up until that moment. This isn’t even some rare criticism thrown at the game. Players were so vocal about this design crime that the developers responsible for the game admitted that the game was way below their standards due to a terrible development cycle.

9 FFX takes sexualization way too far

Final Fantasy X Rikku

Final Fantasy is not unique in the overtly sexualized way it portrays its female characters characters, especially when compared to parts of Japanese culture. Unfortunately though, Final Fantasy X’s portrayal of Rikku is just way too wrong. The problem is that Rikku is not only the most sexualized character, but also by far the youngest character in Final Fantasy X. During the events of the game she is merely 15 years old, so this decision is pretty bizarre.

To be extremely honest, it’s not as if they could have sexualized Lulu much more, but they could have simply made Rikku an adult. Or you know, not sexualized any character at all! To make matters worse, due to lack of caring or just to rub salt in the wound, for Final Fantasy X-2, they had Rikku wearing even less clothes, while she was still a full year away from becoming an adult.

8 XIII changes its own already stupid story halfway through

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII’s entire plot revolves around the fact that mankind is enslaved by an alien species called fal’Cie. This species is so advanced that it can’t understand and therefore communicate with humans. These beings are pretty enigmatic in nature, especially when in addition to this, they force humans to go on specific quests that they don’t specify to them at all. Essentially, the fal'Cie put the characters in the same position that the developers of FFXIII put the game's players in.

To make matters even dumber, there is a certain scene in which Galenth, a character who was pretty obviously evil from the start, reveals himself to be evil. Not only is he actually Barthandelus, the final boss, he is also a fal’Cie. This revelation made by his own understandable words pronounced by his own very clear voice makes that whole “they are too advanced to communicate” seem like the game was written by two different teams that never got the chance to communicate with each other. Luckily none of this is ever questioned or mentioned again.

7 XIII Snow’s weapon is his what?

Final Fantasy XIII

It is true that Final Fantasy has had characters use some pretty ineffective looking weapons, such as stuffed toys, regular gloves, spoons, or swords that are either heavier or longer than the character using them. It is also true that even when the weapons kind of make sense, the characters who use them are not the most suitable. The best example is X's Tidus, a star blitzball player who has never used a sword before, but is forced to become a swordsman, whereas Wakka, a terrible blitzball player is stuck with a ball for a weapon. Hilariously, none of this even comes close to Snow’s weapon: his advanced coat.

That’s right, the edgiest character in the world of Final Fantasy XIII has a coat as his weapon of choice. It is not a regular coat though, as it is fused with Antimatter Manipulation Principle. What exactly is that? It is a great reason never to play Final Fantasy XIII

6 FFXV doesn’t give players the whole story

Final Fantasy XV

Despite being mostly a legitimate return to form, Final Fantasy XV made the greedy decision of cutting very important story points from the game to put it in a film in order to sell it as a Blu-ray. This is a pretty bad move, especially when considering that this is the same game where all players can access the entire original soundtracks from every single one of the past games in the series without having to pay a single cent.

Aside from the obvious greed inherent to the entire situation, it is also very poor storytelling to have the entire intro to the story (long as it may be), locked away in a dvd players may not own. If players want the full experience they have to either buy the Blu-ray or a special edition, which is obviously more expensive. This is the opposite of serving fans who have waited for 10 years.

5 FFVII's Cid Highwind, domestic abuser

Final Fantasy VII Cid

All Final Fantasy games feature a character named Cid. Final Fantasy VII’s Cid is one of the most beloved characters in the series, and probably most people's favorite Cid. Cid is mostly a cool and fun person to have on your party, but is also a troubled character coming to terms with with having failed to fulfill his dreams. During the events of VII, Cid is an aviator, but before that he dreamt of going to space. Unfortunately his plans were foiled by an accident he was saved from by his coworker, Shera.

Shera then became Cid’s housemate and no, not because he was grateful, but because Cid guilted Shera into working for him. Cid thinks she is to blame for his misfortune without knowing she had nothing to do with the accident and that she was the one who actually saved him. Cid treats her like dirt, forces her to do all the work, and she just takes it because she too believes she is to blame for what happened.

The worst part, though, is Cid’s apology, as once he discovers that Shera was responsible for saving him, he apologizes simply because he was wrong about her. This is terrible because he is not apologizing for making someone’s life hell, but rather because he was destroying the wrong person’s life. It's pretty scary that fans seem to be completely okay with it.

4 FFXIV’s First launch

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV’s original launch was so bad it deserves a place in this list. The game was so unplayable that chances were good the playable characters would fall through the ground as soon as they started walking. The quests were broken and the servers were unreliable. There was absolutely no way in hell that Final Fantasy XIV was the intended finished project.

Final Fantasy fans can take a lot of abuse but this was just too much. The game had to be taken back into development and re-released some time later. Much to the surprise of everyone, Final Fantasy XIV was then re-released as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which translates to “Final Fantasy XIV: Sorry Guys, This Time It's For Real” and it was actually pretty good. This goes to show that Square Enix can still create some really good games, but they need to be thankful for their fans who trust them every single time. Very few developers would be blessed with the chance of re-releasing a game after such a massive failure.

3 FFXIII’s characters are as clueless as its players

Final Fantasy XIII

The world of Final Fantasy XIII is plagued by some very evil creatures called the fal’Cie-- an alien species so advanced that they can no longer be understood by humans, but still need humans to work for them. The way they get humans to work for them is simple. Just kidding, it's completely incomprehensible.

The fal’Cie mark the humans and give them a mission, but since humans cannot understand them, they don’t know what the mission is. Instead, they just have a weird vision that is completely open to their own interpretation. If they fail at their mission either because they misunderstand it or because they simply do not manage to complete it, they will turn into zombies. If they succeed, they will turn into a crystal and die. Sweet deal.

This only gets better when the main cast of characters gets marked, and in the vision they see something called Ragnarok. The group is then split because the people think their mission is to make Ragnarok happen, while the other half believes they need to prevent Ragnarok from happening. The problem is that neither half knows what Ragnarok is or does but both parts know that whatever happens, they are doomed. This came close to being number one on this list, but since XIII is such a poor game it wouldn’t be surprising enough. The top two spots on this list had to come from two beloved Final Fantasy games.

2 FFX’s Most kind hearted characters are monsters

Final Fantasy X Yuna

At some point in Final Fantasy X, a small army tries to take on Sin, the game’s big bad monster, only to be completely overpowered by him. The result is pretty tragic, as pretty much everyone involved ends up killed. Yuna, the most kind-hearted person in the game, witnesses the senseless slaughter of hundreds and performs a ritual to send the souls of the dead so that they don’t get lost or something. Merely seconds after, she then proceeds to lask her friends if they are ready to continue on their adventure in the jolliest tone imaginable.

This is so absurdly out of character, especially for someone who lost her own father to Sin. Suerely something like this surely doesn’t happen again in the game right? Wrong.

Wakka, a person who is also both incredibly kind-hearted and has lost family to Sin, witnesses Rikku’s city being destroyed. He witnesses many of Rikku's friends and family members getting killed and then proceeds to tell her not to think much about it, that she should just think about it as fireworks from a happy festival. No joke, he does say that. It only manages to get weirder when players notice that Wakka is voiced by the same actor who provides the voice for Futurama’s sociopathic robot Bender.

1 FFVII’s Developers turn Cloud into a joke

Final Fantasy VII Cloud

Cloud is a badass soldier who is literally a total pro at fighting his way through heavily guarded areas. This fact is confirmed 5 minutes into the game when he effortlessly takes care of tens of soldiers and tops it off by wrecking a gigantic scorpion cyborg. This is the last character who needs to avoid a fight, and yet he does.

Cue the scene in which a lowly bodyguard prevents him from meeting up with a mob boss. What does Cloud do? Does he punch him once to get him out of the way? No, he forces the player to go on a boring quest to find accessories that will allow Cloud to get inside by disguising himslef as a girl. There is nothing wrong with cross-dressing, unless it is the least practical thing one can do. This was totally one of those moments, as evidenced later when Cloud’s girly appearance leads not to an easier mission, but to a rape innuendo filled forced interaction with a bunch of bodybuilders. That moment alone is so bad it deserves an entry on this list, but since it happens inside another extremely stupid moment in an otherwise great game, this masterful combo of bad taste earns the top spot.


What's your least favorite moment in Final Fantasy history?

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