Crystal Chronicles TGS 2019 Trailer Shows Off Extensive Remastering

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A trailer for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition has been unveiled during the 2019 Tokyo Games Show, and it displays some extensive remastering. Originally developed by The Game Designers Studio and co-published by Square Enix and Nintendo for the Gamecube in 2003, Crystal Chronicles surprised longtime players by doing away with the turn-based battles and experience point systems which Final Fantasy series fans had grown accustomed to.

Much of Crystal Chronicle's gameplay was centered around the titular crystal, of which players needed to stick close to and protect during combat. Up to four players could help defend the group's crystal by attaching Game Boy Advance link cables to the Nintendo Gamecube, a technique that was also available for single players in case they wanted to relegate their radars to a second screen. Although a drastically different type of game than most players were expecting, Crystal Chronicles was well-received upon release by critics and fans alike.

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The remastered version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was announced last year, but until now fans have been unsure just how far the "remastering" process would go in changing one of the series most beloved entries. Now the TGS 2019 trailer for Crystal Chronicles is here, embedded below, and those anxious people finally have their answer.

Slated for release on January 23, 2020 for PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOs, and Android, Crystal Chronicles Remastered looks like more of an HD revitalization of the original's graphics as opposed to the more all-encompassing graphical enhancements of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. The upcoming Remastered version also sports new character voice overs, new dungeons and bosses to battle through, additional items, and, most importantly, online multiplayer for up to four characters that is cross play friendly. This means players, instead of having to find a friend with a GBA and a link cable, can now help defend each other even if one player is on Switch and the other is on a PlayStation.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was one of the most fun RPG games of its generation. While not the only Final Fantasy remaster currently available on the horizon and maybe not the best Final Fantasy game of all timeCrystal Chronicles is a fantastic spin on the series' usual tropes and worth playing for anyone who hasn't yet had the pleasure. And, unlike in the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Final Fantasy 7 Remake, thankfully it doesn't appear as if Square Enix has drastically altered the original game's combat fans have grown used to in order to make it more in line with recent franchise entries.

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